Your Mat is Calling.

We are so excited to announce we will be restarting our face-to-face & heart-to-heart classes from this Saturday, 16th May.

With hand on heart we would like to say we are truly grateful for your online support as it has meant the world to us. That’s why we are taking a 3 Phase approach back to business. These initial phase plans are fluid and will be depending on a variety of external and internal business influences.

Phase 1: from 16th May

Outdoors Offerings

Location at St John Park (behind the studio).

 $10 a class with only 9 spots per a class.

Due to limited spots in each class, ALL classes must be booked PRIOR to the class. You must also bring your own mat and any props you wish to use. Easiest way to book is via the mindbody app or via the website here.