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We are a heart-driven business that loves mindful movement & intentional practices. Our teachers are passionate about inspiring positive change in the hearts, minds & bodies of all of our practitioners in the studio, online & in our community classes.

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Upcoming courses

25hr Roll & Release Online

Starting 21st September 2020

Two weeks dedicated to gaining a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology and how to utilise trigger point balls and a yoga block to facilitate ‘myofascial release.’

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Pilates Mat Teacher Training - Weekends

26th September - 15th November 2020

This course is ideal for pilates enthusiasts and those wanting to teach pilates. We focus on the classic pilates method with a systematic approach that teaches our trainers to be capable and dynamic pilates instructors.

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Barre Teacher Training - Weekends

20th - 29th November 2020 | Early bird ends 9th October.

Continue to develop and further your skills as a dynamic pilates instructor. This 100-hour training course is comprehensive, providing trainers with information not only on the wide selection of equipment-based exercises themselves, but how to effectively teach them in an inspiring and uplifting way.

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25hr Meditation & Pranayama Immersion

5th & 6th December 2020 | Early bird ends 23rd October 2020.

Deep dive beyond the body & the mind. This will be an insightful journey for anyone wanting to deepen their own knowledge and integration of the vast ocean of meditation and pranayama tools and techniques used by the sages of the ages.

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Daily, vinyasa, Pilates/barre, and yin classes in high definition from our most senior Essence of Living instructors

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- Over 120 recorded EOL TV classes

- Vinyasa, Pilates, Barre, Yin Yoga, Roll & Release, Pranayama & Meditation

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- Over 120 recorded EOL TV classes

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- 5 LIVE classes a week

- Access our full on demand library with past LIVE classes

- Over 120 recorded EOL TV classes

- FREE weekly Fit & Flexible at Home Starterkit delivered to your inbox

- Try 7 days FREE

- Save $10!


"We love everything about Essence. Recently moving interstate, going to Essence was like finding a new home. The community is supportive, welcoming, kind and FUN! No matter what we're feeling, there's always a class to suit... whether it be super sweaty active Pilates, bliss filled yin or challenging flow yoga, we love that we can just book in at the touch of a button and get our Essence fix! The best thing is that we've found an exercise that we both actually love that has made our bodies leaner and stronger and our minds clear and stress-free! "

Emma and Carla Papas, AKA Merrymaker Sisters

"I have always found the teachers at Essence of Living so friendly, helpful and professional. What has always stood out to me is how passionate they are about yoga and how they are always keen to share their knowledge and wisdom with the students, which makes you feel even more uplifted and inspired when it's time to go home. Michelle and her team at Essence of Living have really given me the tools to live a more balanced and mindful life and I would definitely recommend connecting with them, whether that be in the studio or online via social media, if you too are ready to make positive lasting changes in your life."

Helena Duncan

"I have practiced at Essence Of Living for over ten years-- it is my home away from home. I know that I can always go to Essence at any time of the day and there will always be a class there for me. I love the wide variety of classes they provide, and they have such experienced, talented teachers and this only reflects the true dedication that Michelle has to her studio. "

Kath Chaffey

"Without a doubt, the best place to practice on the coast! The teachers are second to none and the vibe and energy that Essence radiates has the ability to change your mood in an instant. I was lucky enough to complete my teacher training here in addition to practicing regularly and that decision was one of the best I have ever made. The quality and content of the course was incredible and the connection I made with other teachers has led to lifelong friendships. Essence is much more than a yoga studio – it is a way of life, a family - one who will always make you feel welcome, challenge you, nurture you and hold space for you - no matter what level you are at."

Nicole Joy

"Michelle, is a wealth of yogic knowledge and delivers no nonsense creative vinyasa flow classes that constantly evolve and challenge me. I go to her classes to be inspired and move my body in new ways I had not previously thought possible. Michelle is kind yet pragmatic and always focuses on safety first. Best of all is her authenticity. Michelle embodies and lives her talk."

Natalie Prigoone