Michelle Cassidy is the founder and operator of Essence of Living studio and Teacher Training Academy on the Gold Coast. After first discovering Yoga and Pilates at the young age of 16, Michelle knew that she had found her calling, and wished to share both the spiritual and physical benefits of the practice with others.


Alice began her journey at Essence of living falling deeply in love with Yoga and Pilates. She saw the positive effects it had in her life. She is passionate about sharing this gift with others, creating a harmonious balance between both practices. Join her to reconnect, grow and love unconditionally.


As Anita entered her 40’s, she realised a piece was missing from herself and when she does Pilates she becomes whole. Her love of movement drew her to complete training in Pilates and Barre. Being inspired by Michelle and the EOL family, she hopes to do the same especially for her children.


Chantelle's primary focus is to provide students with an individualised approach to yoga to ensure it serves them best to become the highest version of themselves whilst also making the practice fun and light hearted with her quirky self. Chantelle always aims to help students leave her session feeling better than when they came in, and therefore able to spread more kindness and positivity into the world!


Originally from Paris, Charlotte fell in love with the Gold Coast after finishing her degree in archaeology. She started practising yoga whilst she was travelling and fell in love with it straight away. The desire to share the magic of this practice was profound. She had found her purpose in life, sharing the teaching of yoga and supporting people through their life journey. She couldn't be more happy and grateful.


Dani is an educator by trade and flows through life with a song in her heart. She first started practising at Essence in 2014, and has since completed her Yoga and Yin training with Michelle. When Dani isn’t gracing the mat you’ll find her singing a tune or hitting the beach with her Golden Retriever Huey.


Danny’s yogic journey began in Ireland three years ago. He was in search of clarity and peace of mind which he found along with so many other benefits for the body and soul. His love for yoga grew fonder since moving to Australia and he wishes to inspire others creating strength, flexibility and stability while nurturing a safe space for personal growth and inner harmony. Danny is full of gratitude for the opportunity to help others shine their brightest.


Darcy was recommended yoga by a physio at the age of 25 due to sports injuries. His body benefited from the practice (his lower back in particular) & he can now play all sports pain free. Ultimately though, he keeps returning to the mat for the meditative affects of the practice & the community. He aims to make his classes how he thinks life should be, hard but without expectations and plenty of support.


Hollie Bradley has been a teacher at Essence of Living for over a decade and believes yoga is the key to personal happiness. Her sessions are inspired and upbeat, with the focus on self enquiry, alignment and personal development. Hollie is qualified in Yoga, Pilates, Thai massage, Yin, Reiki, Applied anatomy, Visual arts and Physiology.


Jannine Gearon has a long standing passion for health and fitness, practicing yoga since her late teens as well as dancing many disciplines in the last 35 years. Jannine has completed her Yoga, Pilates and Yin training at Essence of Living. Her sessions are a reflection of her fun and energetic personality.


Kimberley found her passion for Pilates over 10 years ago  – and she quickly fell in love. Pilates made her feel strong yet feminine, coordinated and improved her flexibility and core strength without the need for heavy weights and heightened heart rates.

She is so grateful to be doing something that she loves every day, meeting new amazing people, watching her students grow and flourish.


Laura feels that her purpose in this life is to bring more love and help people discover the love and wisdom that lies within them. She is incredibly grateful to share the wonderful practice of yoga so we may all reap its benefits


When Lesley was lost, yoga found her and brought her back to life. Compelled to share the gift & inspire others Lesley became a yoga instructor in 2013 and mentored our 2017 Yoga Teacher Training course. Reiki trained & influenced by Ashtanga her sessions combine empowering dynamic flow & nurturing restoration.


Nat is mumma to two lovely little girls, loves to swim in the ocean and feel the sand under feet. Her journey led her to undertake her yoga teacher training here at Essence where she can now be found teaching passionate sessions with a side of yogic philosophy and spirituality.


Natalie became passionate about bringing yoga into her life to heal both emotionally and physically, and since also turned to Pilates as a safe, supportive and effective way to build strength. She will cheer you on through the challenging times, motivate you, inspire you and have you feeling more stronger and connected to yourself with each and every session.


Nicola is the studio manager, as well as being a mum of two. She ensures that everything runs smoothly and makes the studio the special place it is. To be honest we don't know where we would be without her!


Teaching Barre and Pilates allows Nina to feel good and confident in their own skin, much like her other passion being a hair and makeup artist. She loves nothing more than sprinkling light into other people's day, and helping them to shine even brighter. Come to Nina's session for some fun, sweat and happy tears!


Phoebe is a professional dancer who you might have seen on The Pink Flamingo stage in Broadbeach. She has just started teaching Pilates after completing her training with Michelle at the start of this year. She is super bubbly and fun and loves making sure you enjoy the burn and leave feeling amazing after each session!


Prue Cooper is known as the pocket rocket. You’ll find Prue teaching fast-paced, booty-burning barre sessions at Essence of Living. You'll love her classes!


When Sharon isn’t teaching community yoga in a park by the sea, you’ll find her surfing at Currumbin or playing on the beach at Burleigh with her Chihuahua buddy Pablo. Drawing on skills developed in previous careers as an academic and veterinary nurse, Sharon will inspire you with a teaching style that’s educational, fun and down to earth.


Simone has trained with EOL Academy in Yin, Yoga, Pilates and has 20 years teaching experience. Living an inspired active lifestyle, this mother of 3, carefully plans themed sequenced sessions that are fun, motivating and designed to balance your whole body physically and achieve harmony in the mind.


Steph is our Assistant Studio Manager and also teaches Pilates, Barre and Yoga regularly in the studio. Having studied Dietetics & Health Coaching, Steph is passionate about helping you nurture a joyful relationship with your incredible body. Join her for an intelligently sequenced, dynamic, challenging and heartfelt session.


A lover of all beings, Susie shares her passion for yoga asana and philosophy with sessions that will inspire you on and off the mat. Always shared with a heart-warming smile, her sessions will leave you feeling energised and full of love!


Tara has a heartfelt passion for yoga & holistic healthcare, currently studying Naturopathy. With a friendly smile & warm heart she aims to deliver a beautifully nourishing session weaving in her holistic health knowledge to fill up your soul, leaving you feeling a little lighter, brighter and with a happier heart.


Thalo is a gentle giant originally from Oregon, where he was a professional basketball player. He is now a PE teacher specialising in basketball. Thalo is a long time teacher who is part of our ongoing Gold Coast Active and Healthy program.


Yuka Yoshinaga joins the Essence of Living team from Osaka, Japan. Yuka didn’t step onto the mat till her move to Australia, and she soon became addicted. Yuka loves to practice and teach yoga, and feels blessed to do so in a place she loves, with the people she adores - the Essence of Living family.