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Ignite Your Soul Business & Inspire Your Teaching

13th & 14th November | Early bird ends 1st November 2021

A 2-day in-person transformational training to level-up your confidence, worthiness & excitement, & land all the pieces you need to start your soul's biz or your yoga/Pilates teaching career. Gain clarity, get practical hands-on training and leave with tangible results.

Ignite & inspire your teaching career!

Tuning into Higher States of
Consciousness Meditation Workshop

12:30 - 3pm, 13th November

With Tony Myers
Have you been searching to develop a deeper connection with your higher self and new ways to awaken your true potential?
This two-hour workshop includes a 45min Vinyasa Yoga Class to prepare your body and mind for an optimal Meditation experience.

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25hr Meditation & Pranayama Retreat

20th & 21st November | Early bird ends 8th October 2021

Deep dive beyond the body & the mind. This will be an insightful journey for anyone wanting to deepen their own knowledge and integration of the vast ocean of meditation and pranayama tools and techniques used by the sages of the ages.

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Teaching Yoga Safely for Pregnant Women

27th November + 4th December | 12pm-3pm.

Valerie Hamilton is a qualified midwife, childbirth educator and yoga teacher who specialises in prenatal and postnatal yoga. Valerie has presented workshops on 'safety with pregnant women and yoga' in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Singapore. New to the Gold Coast she would like to share her expertise of 30 years in working with pregnant women and teaching yoga.

If you're a Yoga Teacher and you're wanting to learn more about instructing pregnant women safely, this 2-part course is for you!

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200hr Yoga Teacher Training - Intensive

7th February - 4th March 2022 | Early bird ends 20th December 2021

Acquire the skills & expand your knowledge necessary to teach a variety of Yoga classes. Registered with Yoga Alliance 200hr Certification, we offer our students the highest standards for their future success.

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Pilates Mat Teacher Training - Intensive

28th February - 18th March 2022 | Early bird ends 10th January 2022

This course is ideal for pilates enthusiasts and those wanting to teach pilates. We focus on the classic pilates method with a systematic approach that teaches our trainers to be capable and dynamic pilates instructors.

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100hr Yoga Sequencing & Adjusting Teacher Training

Starts 25th April 2022 | Early bird ends 14th March 2022

Go deeper into the study of yoga principles, philosophy, asana, pranayama and meditation, but more importantly the study of the ‘self’. We study the awakening of deeper levels of the energetic body as well as the attunement to the subtler messages of the body’s intelligence.

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100hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Starts 16th May | Early bird ends 4th April 2022

This course will inspire you to teach a safe and effective Yin Yoga class that will suit all different skeletal variations and health conditions. You will learn different practices to awaken the meridian channels of the body, creating an overall feeling of calmness and contentment for your students.

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Barre Teacher Training - Intensive (Mermaid Beach)

6th - 17th June 2022 | Early bird ends 18th April 2022

Continue to develop and further your skills as a dynamic pilates instructor. This 100-hour training course is comprehensive, providing trainers with information not only on the wide selection of equipment-based exercises themselves, but how to effectively teach them in an inspiring and uplifting way.

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