Forest Bathing

What is Forest Bathing?

It’s a new name for an ancient practice that has been enjoyed since the beginning of time by First Nations people across all lands, seas and skies.

The modern practice we call today “Forest Bathing” was a Japanese Government initiative to counteract the acute stress and anxiety the Japanese people were experiencing due to the fast paced and high-pressured working conditions of the culture.

In the early 1980’s Japan rolled out a nationwide program backed up by a scientifically proven formula to support its people both physically and mentally using Forest Bathing as its primary practice to reduce the effects of modern living.

This practice is now enjoyed in over 44 countries and growing each year!

Inspiring people to not only slow down, but to also connect with nature through a sensory process that isn’t influenced or coloured by culture, religion or dogma.

Forest Bathing is an opportunity for each participant to experience nature in a completely new way, the guide simply opens the door for participants to have their own unique and authentic experience.

The art of the guide is to hold space and support your journey by giving you the freedom to show up as you are.

All are welcome, with no experience or fitness level needed.

This IS for you if you:

- Want to be in nature

- Want to slow down

- Want a completely new experience.

- Are curious

- Want to meet like-minded people

- Want to feel a shift or reset

This is NOT for you if you:

- Want to go hiking

- Looking for a physical workout

- Can’t be without phone reception

We can also provide Forest Bathing to Corporate, Private & Family groups.

Prices range from:

1-2 participants $150

3-5 participants $220

6-10 participants $330

11-20 participants $440

These rates are per hour, Forest Bathing sessions can be scheduled for 1 - 4 hours

Forest Bathing (Gold Coast)

20th June 2024 | Thursday's in the Trees | 10am - 12pm | $57 per session

This Forest Bathing will guide you, transform you & heal you by realigning your mind, body & breath back to balance.

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Family Forest Bathing (Gold Coast)

27th June 2024 | Thursday's in the Trees | 10am - 12pm | $77 per session

Want to give your kids the chance to connect with nature & build a relationship with the more than human world? Want to spark your kids curiosity & creativity with the wild world in a nurturing & nourishing environment? Want to help your kids let go & grow in alignment with their true nature? Then join Michelle on an intimate walk to open the hearts & minds of our little light.

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Chantelle H

The forest makes me remember all the beauty that exists in this world. A retreat to the stillness which feels like a world away to the complexities of human existence. It allows me to feel all the sensations... vision, touch, taste, smell. It allows me to feel like a quiet observer, no space for hunger... being served a feast of subtle yet profound energy to embrace it all and to connect in nature, is to come home to one's true nature.


This experience was great and it was such a simple, accessible and efficient way to relieve stress, to get out of the thinking mind and connect back to the heart. It is a beautiful way to do therapy and connect to the forest.

Jessica T

It is a true gift to be guided through nature by someone who loves and promotes love of the land. Give yourself permission to take a step back from day to day tasks and duties to connect with nature. Even if you are blessed to enjoy time in the outdoors often, it is a wonderful opportunity to share an experience like this with likeminded people. 

Davinia S

I would say that this is a great experience to connect with nature and with our own soul. Finding peace and calm being in the forest. I love that there is no destination because we are already in the spot. Michelle guides us to observe and feel the forest with all our senses. She makes us use our intuition and lets us guide ourselves from the heart.