ForestĀ Regeneration

Tending the Soil, Tending the Soul

Tending the land is a therapeutic practice that not only heals the earth but also heals ourselves simultaneously.

Taking a gentle & mindful approach to land revitalisation we carefully clear the forest of non native species to support healthy lands & waterways, whilst concurrently learning about forest regeneration & conservation.

If you feel a calling to enjoy a day in the bush with other ā€˜forest fairiesā€™ learning about landcare & getting your hands dirty you are exactly where you are meant to be.

No experience necessary, just basic equipment needed to join:

1. Boots

2. Long pants (old jeans are great)

3. Long sleeve shirt

4. Wide brim hat

5. Suncream

6. Sunglasses

7. Insect repellent

8. Secateurs

9. Old large kitchen knife

10. Backpack

11. Water

12. Snacks

July 23rd, 7am-12noon

August 20th, 7am-12noon

Sept 3rd, 7am-12noon

Oct 29th, 7am-12noon

Nov 19th, 7am-12noon

This is a volunteer event for those who are passionate about protecting our native wildlife, flora & fauna. This educational & therapeutic program will happen on private property & cannot be done on local council or state land without government approval. Gold Coast Hinterland