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How over stretching & my babies broke my back!

A number of years ago I had a life altering back injury that change my life forever.

It didn’t happen from a freak accident, it happened I believe from two keys factors.

Firstly, carrying the twins in utero and the extra 35 kilos I gained was hard on my back but so was carrying them earth side on each hip for far longer than was safe.

Secondly, I believe I was doing too much Yin Yoga!

I was practicing Yin Yoga daily for 30min, with 3min holds but after years of practicing like this I became too destabilised in my lower back without realising it!

I love Yin Yoga because it calms my mind & harmonises my nervous system like nothing else!

My body is naturally stiff, tight, strong & toned, a lot like concrete you could say😜

So for me Yin Yoga transformed my body making it flexible faster than other styles of yoga!

I remember completing my first Yin Yoga teacher training with Paul Grilley in Mexico & being more flexible than I had ever been after 16 years practicing Yoga.

I loved the ease, space & non-striving the practice encouraged.

However, there is only so far one should stretch in the body to stay safe.The truth is as a working twin mother I wasn’t chasing the stretch, I was chasing the deep stillness & calmness the practice creates!

That’s why after meditation it became my practice of choice, together with walking the dogs daily, & doing Pilates & Barre classes.

But one day I woke up & could hardly move!

Somehow I woke up with a bulging & herniated disc that had me experiencing acute pain for the next 1.5 years.

Once the chronic sciatica took hold of me & sleepless nights left me with daily tears of despair, I was open to surgery.

Instead, I opted for a cortisol injection first to see if it would help relieve the pain, which miraculously it did!

From this point on I couldn’t stretch, so I knew I had to get strong instead.

So I got a PT & started weight training 4 days a week, 2 years deep I am the strongest I have ever been.

I still practice Yin Yoga however not to stretch my body but rather to calm my mind, which is a completely different approach that I enjoy today.

Balance is key🔑


Teacher Training Courses 2024

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Hear from our Recent Graduate Frency!

Taking this 100hr Advanced Sequencing and Adjusting with Essence of Living was a heartfelt choice for me. I wanted to learn more about different ways of creating yoga sequences for my own practice and for my long time practitioners. Also, to build my skill further with adjustments to be able to serve my students better. 

This course was the perfect next step after my initial teacher training. It’s almost an easy decision to make as it blends and builds up strategically from the 200 hour teacher training. It offered deeper insights into advanced techniques and how to adjust classes to meet everyone's needs. Aiming to craft sequences that not only challenge the body but also nourish the mind and soul.

Michelle taught us a lot about putting together advanced yoga sequences, the right way to help students adjust their poses, and understanding the body in yoga. She made sure we knew how to include everyone, no matter their level. As Michelles’s courses are, it’s a mixed learning from the book and with a whole ton of real practice, which meant we got to try out what we were learning straight away!

The essence of Michelle's teaching style is deeply interactive and profoundly nurturing. With her guidance, learning the art of adjustments not just as a technique but as a form of communication between teacher and student. This experience was transformative, teaching me the language of touch in a way that respects and honours the individual journey of each student.

Thanks to Michelle, I now feel more confident in planning complex yoga classes that are safe and effective for everyone. I've learned so much about the body and how to make yoga a positive experience for each student.

I highly recommend this course to any yoga teacher who wants to explore more into their practice and to build up that extra skill and confidence in teaching. Michelle's course stands out because of how hands on it is and the depth of knowledge she so openly shares. It's made a big difference in how I teach! 

Michelle's dedication to creating a space that celebrates everyone in their journey is second to none! She’ll be with you along the way. You’re on the right path.

Easter Holiday Community Classes!


915am Yoga Flow | Broadbeach Cultural Centre | $8


 6.30am Pilates & Stretch | Platell Park, Broadbeach | FREE


915am Yoga Flow | Broadbeach Cultural Centre | $8

1030am Pilates | Broadbeach Cultural Centre | $5


6am Yoga Flow | Thorn Park, Miami | $5

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Sacred Saturdays 2024 -

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Join Michelle Cassidy once a month for an intentional immersion enjoying an extended meditation & mindful yoga practice to bring you home to true nature whilst nestled in nature.

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Skills to Slow Down

Saturday 4th May 2024 |  7am - 11am

Be More, Do Less

Saturday 1st June 2024 |  7am - 11am

Where: Gold Coast Hinterland

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Forest Bathing Sessions 2024

Once a month we are calling you to participate in the ancient practice of Forest Bathing that has been enjoyed since the beginning of time.

Forest Bathing is an opportunity to experience nature in a completely new way. Michelle will guide you to have your own unique and authentic experience.

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Forest Bathing Sessions


Thursday 16th May 2024 |  10am - 12pm 

Where: Gold Coast Hinterland

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