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Sibling Lesson: The Sun & Moon Don’t Compete

If you grew up with siblings or have multiple kids you know the subtle & sometimes not so subtle situations that can arise as young people try to find their own independence & identity whilst looking for external significance & acceptance.

Being a twin mother I have made a conscious effort to give my kids the space & time to shine in their own unique way, giving them both equal opportunities to follow separate passions.

This has been extra challenging for me because it means I have to do double the driving to after school activities, however I believe it’s been great for their self confidence as they don’t compete against each other & are developing their own interests & resilience within their chosen activities.

But, inevitably it shows up & there’s no escaping the competition & comparison curse among kids.

Which still at times shows up for us adults if we are honest!

So when one of my kids is crying because they lost a game or feel less than in anyway, I remind them (& myself at times) that both the sun & moon don’t compete with each other because they can’t shine at the same time!

In saying that, I also emphasis that the sun’s radiance doesn’t diminish the moon’s brilliance.

I let them know its important to celebrate when someone is shining like the sun & to be truly happy for them, because when you are shining in all of your full moon glory next time its so much nicer when others are truly happy for you also!

We are all born to shine, just not at the same time, place or circumstance, so let’s celebrate each other & enjoy the light of happiness ignited in our hearts

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