Academy – Madison Shares her Experience

Newly graduated Pilates teacher, Madison Isles shares with us her experience training to be a Pilates teacher at the Essence of Living Academy on the Gold Coast.

Madison participated in a eight week Level 1 PIlates training at our beautiful yoga and Pilates studio in Mermaid Beach.

Madison now teaches here at Essence of Living – you can read more about her here.

I spent a moment hesitating before signing up to do Pilates Teacher Training – is it the right time? Am I fit enough? Do I want to teach Pilates or just enjoy practising?

The many doubts that fill our minds before we make any big decisions… my humble advice: just do it. You’ll soon realise the doubts remain! After Michelle’s class on day one we definitely questioned our fitness and moments before we taught our first class, we wondered, “Can I do this?!” But never fear, eight weeks later and we’re on the other side, ready to teach.

I soon learned it doesn’t matter how long you have been practising or how flexible you are, the challenge is open to anyone who is willing to commit, learn and give it all they have. Sharing a space with 10 other girls opened my eyes and heart to the impact Pilates has on all of our lives, on and off the mat.

Week seven was the most memorable for me, teaching our first class, six of us at one time, all in one room – if you like working in silence, prepare to be challenged. I will never forget the nerves, adrenaline and excitement as I got to cue the class out loud, not in my head anymore! Pilates is Pilates right? Or so I thought, until I was paired up teaching with three other teacher trainers. What makes us all different? That’s up to you to decide.

Accept, love and be kind to yourself, three valuable lessons Michelle instilled in us all. You get to bring YOUR own personality and creativity into your classes – so be the best version of yourself. Surround yourself with positive people who will lift you up and support you on your journey. Speaking of positive energy and supportive people… Michelle has inspired, nurtured and guided each and every teacher trainee. Her friendly smile greeted us each weekend and her endless patience and advice exceeded all of our expectations.

Thank you to Michelle for making this experience possible and bringing us all together and thank you to the 10 super human women I have connected with over the past eight weekends and many more to come. I look forward to seeing you all on the mat!

Maddy x

Are you ready to live your passion and become a Pilates teacher?