This is the first ever Breathless Advanced workshop in QLD Australia hosted by a leading WHM instructor – Join Johannes Egberts and his team in this unique one-day experience and take your breathing & exposure practices to the next level!

An opportunity to explore modalities, solidify practices and build on learnings, this Advanced Workshop combines revolutionary modern breath-work practices with ancient modalities to create a learning experience with feedback tailored to your specific goals. We will break down the science, theory and implications of breath-work & cold exposure. We will dive deep into the art of exposure practices, from Sauna use to Hot spring bathing, Cold exposure training and traditional environmental conditioning rituals

//The morning is focused on teaching you new and advanced techniques related to the Wim Hof Method by using frameworks and interactive discussions to explain the scientific elements. To create a holistic view we will focus on individual systems in the body and the symbiotic relation between them. The morning session concludes with a guided Advanced breath-work session facilitated with live music and expert guidance//

This session will take your existing or future breathing and cold exposure practices to a new dimension and leave you with the knowledge, language and intuitive understanding to explain it to others

//The afternoon opens up the discussion around psychology, neurology and our place in relation to the modern world and each other. Clear and concise models on human performance and wellbeing will be explained in a personal and approachable manner//

Your unique experience will be enhanced by:
– Live Music & Sound Healing
– Organic Snacks, Lunch & Goodies
– Drumming Circle
– Bonus lectures
– Unique handouts
– Access to resource library
– Expert facilitators
– 2D & 3D learning
– Self quantification for tracking and measurement

· This experience is open to all levels and is a unique opportunity to come together with a group of like-minded individuals, expand your toolkit and grow your practice.
· Contra-indications: individuals with cardiovascular health related symptoms are required to discuss with their medical provider prior to attending the program. If you experience epilepsy or are pregnant you are unfortunately not eligible to participate.

Self-Investment: SOLD OUT!


Please feel free to contact Johannes with any questions on 0403220911

About Your Instructor and Facilitators:

There’s a team behind making the day a holistic experience:

Johannes Egberts is a certified WHM instructor, Oxygen Advantage trainer, XPT Coach and free diver based on the northern beaches of Sydney. Johannes lives and breathes the Biohacking lifestyle and has worked with and studied under a myriad of experts in the field of health and wellness including Wim Hof, Laird Hamilton, Prof. Marc Cohen and Patrick Mckeown.




Johannes Egberts


9am - 5pm Saturday, 29 February 2020

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