With Tony Myers

19th April 2020

The essence of our true nature is bliss consciousness. Ever since the dawn of civilization, human beings have been searching for a higher force within themselves and a divine interconnected force governing all of creation.

This workshop takes a deep dive into the origins of the Individual and the collective consciousness. It will provide you with systematic methods to access more evolved intuitive states of our human experience to guide you on your life’s journey.

In this workshop, you will enjoy a unique opportunity to experience:
– Guided Chidākāsha dhāranā Meditation Techniques to Explore the Depths of Your Consciousness.
– Step by step processes to Tune Into Higher States Of Consciousness.
– Pancha koshas Meditation Techniques to Transcend the 5 dimensions of our human experience to bliss consciousness.
– Developing Your Ajana Chakra, The Gateway to Pure Consciousness.
– Guided Vitalising Pranayama and Vinyasa Yogic techniques to facilitate a more enjoyable meditation experience.

Develop Faith In Your Self And A Higher Reality. The techniques in this workshop will assist you in developing a clearer vision for your future and in tuning into the universal field of abundance and divine Intelligence.

Suitable for beginners and advanced meditation practitioners. This two-hour workshop includes a 45min Vinyasa Yoga Class to better prepare your body and mind for an optimal Meditation experience.

Workshop investment: $45 for 1, $80 for 2 and $105 for 3 workshops.


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$45 for 1, $80 for 2 and $105 for 3 workshops.


Tony Myers

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12.30 - 2.30pm, 19th April 2020

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