With Tony Myers

14th June 2020

If you’re searching for higher levels of inner peace and happiness, and a framework to transform the path of your life, then this workshop is for you.

Discover how to apply the unique formula the Buddha first taught to his disciples after attaining enlightenment to your life.

This meditation workshop is designed to teach you the essence of the buddhas teachings and how to apply the formula to overcome the obstacles and challenges we face in the modern world we live in today.

Discover how to:
– Develop a Better Relationship with Your Mind and Skilfully Manage Difficult Emotions That arise.
– Wisely Analyse Unhelpful Thinking Patterns and Replace Them with Positive Thoughts That more Closely Reflect Reality.
– Manage Your Reactions to Perceived Stressful Events in Your Life, So You Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety to Manageable levels and Enhance your Health and vitality.
– Direct Your Mind to Focus on Positive Outcomes for the future by Gaining control of your thinking processes and developing a positive mindset.
– Boost your Confidence and Self-Esteem to higher levels and accelerate the achievement of your goals and dreams and aspirations.

This two-hour workshop also includes a 45min Vinyasa Yoga Class to better prepare your body and mind for an optimal Meditation experience.

Whether you’re a new or advanced meditation practitioner, this Meditation Workshop will provide you with a new toolbox of techniques that will guide you walk the path to Living a more Successful, Happy, and Prosperous Life.


12.30 - 2.30pm, 14th June 2020




Tony Myers

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