With Tony Myers

17th May 2020

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of your life? Why are you here on this planet? Deep within every human being is an intrinsic desire to live a more prosperous meaningful life.

If you have a big vision, dream, aspiration, or talent that you want to share with the world, while simultaneously creating more abundance, financial freedom, and positive karma for yourself, your family, and all of humanity, this workshop is for you.

In this personal and spiritual workshop, you will discover:
– Why your life depends on Discovering and Living Your Life’s Purpose.
– Guided Meditation Techniques to Discover and define Your Life’s Purpose.
– Step by Step methodology to Create a Blueprint Your Life Mission.
– The Power of Sankalpa /Positive Affirmations to guide you on your Life Mission.
– How to practice Visualization techniques to develop a clear vision for your life. mission

This workshop includes a pdf workbook with practical exercises, and a 45min Vinyasa Yoga class sequenced to better prepare your body and mind for an optimal Meditation experience.

Join us for this two-hour life-changing workshop and become the creator of your destiny and live a more successful, fulfilling life.

Workshop investment: $45 for 1 and $80 for 2.


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$45 for 1 and $80 for 2


Tony Myers

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12.30 - 2.30pm, 17th May 2020

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