Learn how to execute common barre exercises with correct form. Static holds to feel the burn in all the right places combined with exercises performed at a slower pace to enhance mind body connection. Great for beginners and regular barre goers alike, we will learn together how to get even deeper into positions to create a more intense burn from the first few reps – remember, if you’re not feeling it, you’re not doing it correctly!


12-1pm, 4 & 5 April 2020 | $35pp


Each workshop is capped to 20 people to ensure individual attention.



Jack Hersee
Some of you will already know Jack from the four years he spent teaching Pilates and Barre at Essence of Living. Jack was a professional dancer with The Australian Ballet before his transition to teaching. Since moving to Sydney at the end of 2018, Jack has furthered his studies in both Pilates and anatomy and is very keen to share his knew found knowledge with the clients he began his initial teaching journey with.




Jack Hersee


12-1pm, 4 or 5 April 2020

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