The journey will begin as soon as you enter the room as the aromas of pure rose essential oil enter your awareness and begin to awaken the heart chakra. We will start with a small discussion on the heart chakra, where it is located, how to activate it and what it feels like when balanced or imbalanced. This will flow into a series of restorative yoga poses to open, align and energise the heart chakra.

Sunday 1st December | 2.15pm – 3.15pm | FREE!!

The practice ends with a mini aromatherapy massage and flows into a guided pranayama, meditation and visualisation practice to further awaken the heart chakra. At the end you will receive an aromatherapy bliss ball handmade with love, infused with the heart-opening essential oil of rose and activated with rose quartz crystal.

How we’ll use the five senses to awaken the heart:
Smell: pure rose essential oil diffused into the space & mini aromatherapy massage
Touch/feel: vinyasa class to activate the heart & mini aromatherapy massage
Listen: guided meditation to activate the heart
See/visualise: guided visualisation to activate the heart & feeling into the heart space
Taste: aromatherapy bliss ball handmade with love to activate the heart

This FREE workshop is a taste-tester for the 3-part workshop series coming in February 2020: A Five-Sense Journey Into Awakening The Heart, Third Eye & Crown Chakras. Each workshop will be two and a half hours long and will dive even deeper into each chakra with a full hour vinyasa sequence dedicated to opening each chakra. They will include a workbook and journal, in e-book format, with self-reflective questions and ideas for self-care practices and rituals to keep each chakra opening and expanding at home.

12.30-3.00 Sunday 9 February – Heart Chakra
12.30-3.00 Sunday 23 February – Third Eye Chakra
12.30-3.00 Sunday 8 March – Crown Chakra

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Sunday 1st December | 2.15pm - 3.15pm




Susie Tagarro

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To book call 07 5526 6600, pop into the studio or click here

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