$125.00 AUD

Sacred Saturday - August 2024

Join Michelle Cassidy’s NEW Sacred Saturdays to nourish your soul, calm your mind & soothe your body. Perfect for both beginners & returning spiritual seekers, meditation practitioners & wellness warriors.

This Sacred Saturday will guide you, transform you & empower you with life skills that will support you & heal you by realigning your mind, body & breath back to balance.

When: Saturday 3rd August 2024 7am-11am

Where: Gold Coast Hinterland

Energetic Exchange: $125

Course Outline:

Pranayama: Learn the art of expanding and extending your life-force through timeless Yogic breath-work practices that will align and enhance your physical, mental and energetic bodies.

Meditation: Learn about the different levels and fluctuations of the mind, along with the steps to cultivate inner stillness and steadiness whilst developing the skill of unwavering concentration.

Mantra: Discover the power of mantra to harness your mind, find your centre and cultivate inner calmness.

(For 300hr yoga teacher training students you are required to also complete 500 word reflective essay ‘The Untethered Soul’ Micheal Singer to gain 12.5hrs credits.)