December Newsletter

What’s more important weeding or watering the garden of your mind?

In short I believe… weeding!

But, why you wonder?

And, how you ask?

Our minds are just like gardens & what I’ve come to learn on an even deeper level beyond the scriptures & from Mother Earth herself, is that our natural state of being is already whole & complete.

We don’t need to add anything as our birthright is beautiful. 

The issue is however, we are so far away from our natural state!

Our minds are filled with so many weeds such as false beliefs, values, priorities, stories & fantasies that we don’t know who we are at our essence!

We have lost sight of what’s really important, clouded & coloured by societies misplaced priorities & misperception we can’t think clearly for ourselves without becoming confused.

There is so much noise externally that it over powers our own innate wisdom, inner guidance & intuition.

Therefore, just like regenerating the land our main priority is simply weeding out all the invasive plants (thoughts) from our minds, making space for the native plants (true thoughts) to naturally arise & grow.

I personally think the problem is we are all trying to be like someone else!

Adopting other people’s ideas, practices, beliefs & habits, instead of aligning with our own true nature & living in flow with our own personal path.

I have come to learn that the easiest way to find ourselves is to literally turn off all the devices, close the books & be in nature everyday for at least 20mins simply being.

The intention isn’t to meditate, to do specific breath work, to do any mindful movement exercises or even garden, it is to simply to sit down (or lye down) & be, simply observing our natural world.

I wonder how much your internal dialogue makes commentary on the natural world & yet the natural world just is.

What if we could just watch, witness & absorb the natural world without a running commentary in our minds!

What if we could drop all the doing & be like our forest dwelling ancestors who enjoyed long extended quiet times in nature being one with the land.

What if we could open our hearts & minds like a flower opening its petals?

What if we could be comfortable growing slowly like the great trees in the forest?


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915am Yoga Flow | Broadbeach Cultural Centre | $8
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