Kickstart your Yoga & Pilates Teaching Career in only 2 days!


"Transformational, educational & super high-yield!"




This 25hr teacher training will catapult you to success in the yoga & Pilates industry


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I want to kickstart my teaching career!



By the end of this 2-day tutorial-and-hands-on style teacher training, you'll be completely ready to start teaching at your favourite studio, community class or to private clients!









I want to kickstart my teaching career!

Why I created this training

I know how scary (and almost impossible) it can feel to take those first baby steps into your new teaching career, or to get back into teaching after a bit of a break!

And I know that all the things you need to do to get yourself set up & ready to teach can feel a little overwhelming!

I'm here to ease all that for you!

That's why I created this workshop! I want to give you ALL my tips & pointers on how to feel and BE the best-superstar-teacher version of you! I'm SO passionate about getting you feeling confident and ready.

I want to kickstart my teaching career!

'MUST-LEARNS' for newbie teachers & gold nuggets for refreshing yourself as a teacher


✔ Modifications & cues for injuries, pregnancy, seniors & how to cater to ALL levels in one class

✔ Prop-less & community classes

✔ Common pose alternatives

✔ Meeting class requests

✔ Proactive & intelligent teaching & sequencing

✔ Potential hidden freak-out moments

✔ My favourite cues, modifications & adjustments

'ESSENTIAL BITS' of biz set-up, 'LEGAL STUFF' pre-teaching requirements & tax/finance refresher


✔ Tax, superannuation & finances

✔ Yoga/Pilates resume

✔ Content creation organised

✔ Socials (Instagram, Facebook, Canva, Later & Lightroom) 

✔ Invoicing


✔ Insurance

✔ First aid & CPR

✔ Blue card

PLUS for even greater transformation...


✔ ANY & ALL questions answered

✔ Invoke your highest potential as a teacher transformational meditation

✔ Limiting belief sharing, shedding & shaking circle

✔ Saying YES when it’s scary, saying NO & setting boundaries, creating space for JOY

✔ I'll share absolutely EVERYTHING I've learnt on my teaching journey so far

✔ I'll be sharing my challenges & vulnerabilities as a teacher with you all too

Once you've completed your teacher training course, all the things you need to do to get yourself set up & ready to teach in a studio can sometimes feel a little overwhelming!

In this 'Kickstart your Teaching Career' teacher training we've got two massive, transformational, educational & super high-yield days that will catapult you into feeling like you can take over the (yoga and Pilates) world!

The training takes place at the Essence of Living Tallebudgera Valley Retreat with 25 hours of total training hours, including 16 hours of face-to-face hands-on learning. Once you've completed all the assessment you'll receive an Essence of Living 25hr certificate that can be used towards your EOL 300hr certificate!



In this tutorial-style day, TOGETHER we'll get all the essential biz & legal stuff done, so you're all ready to start teaching at your favourite studios! This stuff can often feel overwhelming, complicated and just 'too hard' to do on your own, but doing it together we'll make it FUN!


Often the hardest thing as a newbie teacher is learning how to teach COMPLETE beginners, students with injuries, and community classes without props. And that's often the first classes you'll start teaching! This day is all about learning and uncovering all these little hidden potential 'freak-out' moments, experiencing them in a safe environment, and learning how to deal with them BEFORE you encounter them out in the world!

I want to kickstart my teaching career!


Why everyone's LOVING this course!

Danny Collins

So insightful!I gained so much more knowledge through doing this workshop and feel empowered and more confident in transitioning into becoming a yoga and Pilates teacher. An inclusive, open, safe space! Thank you Susie for equipping us with everything we need on this new adventure!

Carmel Atkinson

Exactly what I needed! A real, honest insight into life as a teacher, full of practical tips to increase my confidence and support my transition into teaching. I can't wait to have you in my class one day!

Annie Sherrington

Susie's 2 day workshop was a beautiful recap of everything I learnt after my teacher training. Going into a whole new career can feel really nerve-racking and although I have been teaching occasionally I found this to be a really encouraging, inspirational and educational experience. I feel more confident and secure in my own abilities now with the feedback I got from Susie. I HIGHLY recommend this workshop to new teachers!

Simone Gilespie

If you are scared to start teaching because you feel like you are not good enough, come along to Susie's Kickstart to empower yourself to start teaching straight away! Just say YES!

Charlotte Brigone

This workshop was SUPER helpful in understanding how the business and career of yoga teaching works. Susie gave us a lot of concrete tasks to do in order to set ourselves up as 'ready to teach teachers'. She also gave us a TONNE of positivity and enthusiasm and was very inspiring - all things that are needed to gain confidence in our abilities to become good teachers! Thank you Susie!

Fernanda Serra Lima

I LOVED everything about this workshop! The financial freedom spreadsheet was so helpful - I will take this learning with me for life! The limiting belief sharing, shaking and shedding circle, and the round robbin teaching were AMAZING and so transformational! This workshop gave me so many useful tips for really stepping into my new teaching career. I'm very grateful for you opening up your professional life to us! You are very special.


Susie Tagarro


$398 for the 2-day, 25hr training. Spacious payment plan available for $99.50 over 4 weeks.

Access the early-bird pricing of $358 if you book and pay before Jan 30th.

($250 if you'd only like to attend one of the days)


Get ready to CATAPULT your teaching career into the NEXT DIMENSION!

20th & 21st March 2021

Lectures and training: 2 days, Saturday & Sunday 7.00am – 4:00pm
Save 10%! Early bird ends 30th January 2021.

Spacious payment over 4 weeks


Kickstart my career!

One off payment


Kickstart my career!

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One day only please

Where: Essence of Living Tallebudgera Valley Retreat

If you have any questions or queries about the workshop, get in contact with Susie, she'd love to answer them!

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0433 448 750

Kickstart your teaching career!

The 'boring bits' of business set-up, the 'legal stuff' of pre-teaching requirements & the 'scary bits' of newbie teaching, bundled into a fun, interactive & crazy-high-yield 2 day workshop!

Spacious payment over 4 weeks


Kickstart my career!

One off payment


Kickstart my career!

One day only


One day only please