Are you ready to shed the layers and delve deeper? Join us on this journey as we tap into our inner truth and wisdom, allowing our authentic path to be revealed.

Join The JOURNEY TO THE SELF – 4 week Immersion

1 month unlimited classes at studio

1 yoga aroma workshop with Michelle

4 deep diving self explorative workshops

The Power of Now


12-2.30pm Sat 7th July

* Understanding that why now your ready.
* The power of the present moment
* Phenomenological questioning to enquire “who are I”?

Self Awareness


12-2.30pm Sat 14th July

* Self awareness – Study of the Self
* Turning our fears into love and excitement
* Call to action

Internal Exploration

12-2.30pm Sat 21st July

* The internal exploration
* Detaching from external stimulus
* Awakening your sense

Stepping into your Truth

6-8.30pm Fri 27th July

* Revealing and claiming your radiance
* Tranaka – flame gazing
* Circle honouring

Tahra is certified in Nutrition, Personal training, Pilates and Yoga as well as leading uniquely designed transpersonal workshops using Art Therapy as a medium of self exploration. She has taken all her qualifications, personal learnings and passions to create one embodied worksop series that encompasses multi layers of elements that support and discover the journey to the self.


Tahra is a woman who is committed to offering opportunities to embark upon ones own journey of self discovery. She has taken her experiences and studies to be the driving force behind birthing JOURNEY TO THE SELF a one month workshop.


Join The JOURNEY TO THE SELF – 4 week Immersion