Yoga Aroma: Soul Inspired

To be inspiring you must first be inspired

In today’s post we are exploring inspiration and living a soul-led life. We want to guide you back to a life full to the brim with inspiration, excitement and motivation – with the help of a few tips and some essential oils.

First, let’s talk oils. We all know how powerful a scent is, it can lift your mood, remind you of something or promote a positive feeling. We’d like to introduce to the fresh, minty and clean scent of Motivate, an encouraging blend of:

  • Peppermint Plant
  • Clementine Peel
  • Coriander Seed
  • Basil Herb
  • Yuzu Peel
  • Melissa Leaf
  • Rosemary Leaf
  • Vanilla Bean Absolute

This blend of citrus and mint essential oils will help you unleash your creative powers and find the courage that comes from being inspired from the inside out.

Use the oil topically by applying diluted to the bottom of your feet in the morning to put a pep in your step or diffuse during the day to stay motivated and energised while you work on a project.

Feeling little down or doubtful? Motivate will move you from pessimistic to spirited before you know it. This blend has been carefully created to inspire confidence, courage and belief.

Cultivating inspiration

We cannot sit back and wait for inspiration to strike us. We must take an active role in our own lives and seek out the things we want. How do we find inspiration?

1. Who do you surround yourself with?

The people you spend time with start to rub off on you after a while, so surround yourself with family members and friends who motivate you! Whether they encourage you or simply lead by example, make these people a priority in your life and spend more time with them.

It’s not only ‘real life’ inspiring humans you can surround yourself with, also look to authors, speakers, guides, teachers and mentors online, in books, magazines and on podcasts. Download a energising audiobook to listen to while you’re driving or read a few pages of an inspiring book as soon as you wake up. The possibilities are truly as endless as you make them.

Also be mindful of the people who pull you down, suck you energy and use you for their own selfish ends. Figure out how you can shift your life to spend less time with these people and more with the ones who fill up your inspo-well.


2. How can you make your heart sing?

Have a long (or short!) think about the things that lift you up. That make your soul shine. That leave you feeling more like yourself.

Whether it’s time in nature, dancing at salsa class or spending precious time with friends, make the time to do it every day – yes, EVERY day. Make these times a daily priority because, really, what’s more important than a lit up soul?

It doesn’t have to be the same thing every day, just make sure you do one thing that makes your heart sing today. For EOL owner Michelle Cassidy her one thing has changed and evolved over her time earthside. For years, Michelle would wake up with a grin knowing she was about to hit the surf – surfing was one of her first loves and it filled her with energy and sparked her inner light. Now? Michelle still loves the ocean and nature in general, especially when she spends time there with her husband and twins!


3. What makes you feel like a kid?

Have you ever seen a child blow bubbles? If you have, you’ll know the epic excitement they get from the whole process. They light up with enthusiasm, passion and curiosity. And it’s not just bubbles, children have an earnest eagerness for so many of life’s little pleasures.

So, first, is there something that already gives you the childlike feels? And, secondly, how can you bring that child-like energy and zeal to your everyday life?

Start to see things through a fresh lens, as if you were experiencing them for the first time. Revel in the amazingness that is our world.

When we are feeling inspired, it’s like we have the rose-tinted glasses of new love on. Everything is shiny, new and exciting. The smallest of things can give us the greatest of joys. Isn’t that the way you want to live your life?

If you’re looking for more soul inspiration, join Michelle for two hours of yin yoga and aromatherapy! We will be working with the Motivate essential oil blend and going within to explore what being Soul Inspired means.

Soul Inspired

Friday 6-8pm, 22nd September 2017

Class is only $20 for everyone!

To reserve your spot, pop into the studio, call 07 5526 6600.