Yoga Aroma: Whispering Wisdom

Have you ever walked past a woman whose scent makes you press pause for a moment so you can simply linger a little longer in the divine aroma that you are experiencing? Whisper has that sweet stilling effect on me & the good news is, I can create those frozen moments of pure joy for myself over & over again throughout the day. Our olfactory organ (sense of smell) has a profound relationship with our brain which has the power to trigger chemical responses that are both positive & negative in our body.

For me Whisper aligns me with my divine feminine qualities that sometimes get lost whilst running a busy business. I feel a deep connection with the wisdom of my ancestors of the earth that are deeply connected to what is real & impermanent. Essentially Whisper makes me feel soft, sweet & aligned with my inner goddess that is deeply connected to Mother Earth & all of her wisdom. I literally put this scent on my pulse points up to 6x a day as it’s pure bliss in a bottle for me. Plus I stopped wearing perfume once the twins were born as I didn’t want them exposed to unnessary toxins.

This musky and warm essential oil blend smells different on each woman who wears it. The unique blend of oils creates your own personal perfume – without any nasty synthetics and chemicals.

This spicy blend is beautiful when applied to your pulse points on the wrists, inner elbows and neck. You can also diffuse or use in a specially designed essential oil necklace. I also love to add a few drops into the palm of my hand and run it over the clothes I’m wearing for the day – you never know when you’re going to get a sweet whiff of this stunning, soft scent.

Make your bottle of Whisper last a little longer by diluting the blend with fractionated coconut oil in a roller ball bottle. This also makes it super easy to use as pure-fume (perfume, but better!).

What’s in Whisper?

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Patchouli Leaf
  • Bergamot Peel
  • Hawaiian Sandalwood Wood
  • Rose Flower
  • Vanilla Bean Absolute
  • Jasmine Flower
  • Cinnamon Bark
  • Vetiver Root
  • Labdanum Leaf/Stem
  • Cocoa Seed
  • Ylang Ylang Flower


Want to experience Whisper for yourself?

Join me for two luxurious hours of Yin Yoga, using the healing powers of aromatherapy. Allow your soul to relax and realign your senses, using unique aromatherapy blends. Learn how to piece together the magical powers of aromatherapy with the right postures, in order to release trapped emotions, and set the mind free, allowing us to live in alignment with our highest self.

Whispering Wisdom

Friday 6-8pm, 27th October

Enjoy a sacred night of whispering love mantras whilst using specific yin yoga postures and aromatherapy oils that you can use and practice at home, in order to awaken and ignite the love in your heart.

Class is only $20 for everyone!

To reserve your spot, pop into the studio, call 07 5526 6600 or book online here.