Yoga Aroma with Michelle

I not only use essential oils for very practical applications (cleaning or supporting my health), I also turn to them for emotional support.

Have you ever noticed how a scent can take you right back to a certain moment? I like to create my own emotional anchors with my collection of oils. One blend I love to use is Peace.

Peace has been created to be reassuring, comforting and encouraging. I use this blend when I need a little peace in my life. When things are feeling a bit overwhelming.

To be honest, the most common time this happens for me is when my twin babies are having sleep issues. Overall the twins actually sleep fantastically (normally 12hrs a night straight) and I think that’s because I use the Peace blend in their cots before they go to bed. I like to put one small drop on their cot sheet to encourage them to have a peaceful sleep. I also diffuse it (5 drops) in the afternoons around witching hour to prevent any tantrums from occurring. I’m a big believer in prior preparation instead scrambling to fix a problem already gone wrong.

Peaceful babies equals peaceful mummy which equals peaceful daddy. We are all so deeply connected and knowing that we all affect each other is of the utmost importance. In making a conscious effort to cultivate our personal peace it can only have a positive impact on not only our intimate relationships but all of our interactions in the community. I highly recommend using this blend for your own personal peace, especially if you have a stressful living or working environment.

‘When we find peace within ourselves, we become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.’ – Peace Pilgrim

Looking for some more Peace-of-mind in your life?

Join me for a two-hour yin yoga workshop where we will be working with the Peace essential oil blend and going within to explore what peace means to us.

Peace of Mind

Friday 6-8pm, 28th July 2017

Class is only $20 for everyone!

To reserve your spot, pop into the studio, call 07 5526 6600

The Peace essential oil blend


Vetiver essential oil is produced from the root of a grass plant grown in Haiti. It is known for it’s calming and grounding effect. The perfect oil to turn to when you need a good night’s rest.


Beautiful lavender is distilled from lavender flowers grown in Bulgaria. Popular for it’s antiseptic, antibacterial and calming properties, lavender is an oil with many applications.

Ylang Ylang

Tropical and lush, ylang ylang is a highly perfumed oil used a lot in aromatherapy and in perfume making. It has nourishing, protective and calming properties and can be worn on the skin or diffused into the air.


Franky is distilled from the resin of the Boswellia tree and we source ours from local artisans in Somalia. Frankincense has been used for centuries and is known for its mood balancing properties amongst other things.

Clary Sage

The woody aroma of clary sage is herbaceous and calming to the soul. Clary sage is used for it’s calming and relaxing properties making it a great choice for a good night’s sleep.


In ancient Greek and Roman times, marjoram was known as a symbol of happiness. Traditionally marjoram is valued for its positive effect on the nervous system and it’s calming properties.


Labdanum essential oil is produced via the steam distillation of the leaves and stalk of the plant. The earthy, musky scented oil is sourced from the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean.


Freshly scented spearmint is a gentle oil prized for it’s uplifting, positive and focussing properties. Milder than peppermint, spearmint can be used topically, aromatically and also in cooking.