Tennille takes on the BB Challenge

Have you ever wondered if the Body Buddahful challenge is for you?

Our twelve week Body Buddahful challenge is designed to retrain your habits, spring clean the dusty corners of your body and give you the inspiration and motivation to achieve your goals.

Sounds good right?

But don’t just take our word for it! The buddahful Tennille took on the challenge in the last round of Body Buddahful and today she is sharing some of her experience with you.


Tennille, 30

How long have you been practicing yoga/ Pilates for?

Around three years.

Why did you sign up?

I signed up for the challenge as a way to encourage myself to do more yoga. I regularly attend Pilates and barre classes, but wanted to incorporate yoga into my routine.

What were your goals/motivation?

My goal was four to five classes a week including at least one yoga class.

What did you love most about the challenge?

Being able to tick my classes off on the board because I like visual reinforcement. I also like the sense of belonging to a community when I go to Essence of Living.

What was most inspiring?

I find the instructors most inspiring at Essence of Living.

What difference can you feel in body and mind after the challenge?

I feel more relaxed attending yoga classes and I am also feeling more flexible. My stamina in barre class has also increased!

What would you say to someone thinking about signing up?

Signing up for the challenge is a great way to give back to yourself and do something for you.


So, are you ready to do something for you?

The Challenge

Take a minimum of three classes per week for 12 consecutive weeks.

As a part of the challenge cost, you will have UNLIMITED STUDIO CLASSES – all styles, levels and time slots are open to you.

Your Investment

$39/week for 12 weeks or $450 upfront

What’s included in the challenge:

  • 12 weeks of UNLIMITED yoga, Pilates, Barre and Yin classes
  • A copy of Michelle Cassidy’s Body Buddhaful Journal, Detox book or an ‘Essence Logo’ singlet.
  • Weekly videos from Michelle (delivered right to your inbox!)
  • Weekly inspiration, education & motivation
  • Exclusive access to the Body Buddhaful Forum
  • Online support
  • One week of FREE unlimited classes if you complete the challenge!
  • Free attendance to Michelle Cassidy’s Mindful Talks series:
    • Yoga Philosophy 101
    • Live Your Bliss
    • Power of Now

Ready to upgrade you practice, body and mindset?


Download the forms here, complete and email them to us at essence@essenceofliving.com.au  or bring them with you to your next class!

Body Buddhaful enrolment & release form

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