The power of adjustments in a yoga teacher training course

Let’s start here: What is an adjustment in a yoga class? Put plainly, it’s when a teacher physically shifts, moves or adjusts you in class. They can be performed rather than or as well as a verbal or visual cue.

If you practice at Essence, you will probably have received an adjustment like this as our teachers are trained to do so by Michelle and her teaching team at the Academy.

What is so powerful about adjustments?

Physical adjustment is a personal and intimate communication between teacher and student. Performed well, an adjustment can be transformational to the student’s practice (if you’ve been adjusted you’ll already know this!). Performed poorly or incorrectly, adjustments can be confusing at best, and cause injury at worst.

A physical adjustment goes beyond a verbal or visual clue; it’s an actual manipulation of your physical form – moving you into alignment or deeper into a pose. Done well, an adjustment can open you to new and exciting levels within your practice. Our students often describe them as ‘Aha’ moments!

As students, we learn in different ways so a good teacher will use multiple methods in a class. Physical adjustments are particularly helpful for those who learn best with a kinetic approach. These students ‘feel’ their way into knowledge, they learn best by embodying the practice, and a physical adjustment is extraordinarily powerful for them.

The benefits of a hands-on adjustment:

  • The ability to guide a student into correct alignment and safe posture
  • The facility to open the posture for better breath
  • The ability to lead a student safely into a deeper pose
  • The student getting the ‘feel’ of the pose, aiding in building body and spatial awareness


Learning how to apply effective physical adjustments

Not all yoga teacher training courses are equal. It sounds obvious, but there are significant differences in the experiences you’ll have and skills you’ll learn depending on the training you pick to complete.

Michelle has written a post all about what makes a great teacher training course, but today we’re focussing mainly on the teaching of proper adjustments.

As we’ve already mentioned, Michelle teaches how to apply hands-on adjustments at the Essence of Living Academy. In fact, this is a comprehensive component of the yoga teacher training courses on offer.

At the Academy, you will learn many different adjustments for an array of yoga asana (postures). These adjustments are safe, effective and tried and tested by Michelle, her teaching team and the other Essence teachers. Michelle will share her vast and in-depth knowledge of safe, hands-on adjustment as well as ensure the teacher trainees feel confident and assured in performing them themselves. Ie. You’ll get lots of practice during training!

Are you ready to live your passion and become a yoga teacher? Find out lots more about the Essence of Living Academy and our courses here.

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