The lessons of Winter

Winter can be a time where we’d like to snuggle up on the couch, under a blanket and drink hot chocolates all day every day. And, yes, this is lovely, but we’ve got other ideas.

Swap days on the couch for high energy barre or sweaty yoga. You know you’ll feel better for it.

“Hibernation is for bears, not babes” – Melissa Ambrosini

It’s important that we honour the winter season, but we also keep up the work. It’s so much easier to STAY disciplined rather than fall off the wagon and have to run after it and jump back on. So don’t lose the habits you’ve built up over the warmer months just because the mercury has dropped a few degrees.

Let us make a promise to ourselves to no longer let the external world dictate how we feel on the inside. So what if it’s rainy or cold outside!? So what if someone says you can’t do it (whatever ‘it’ is for you)!? Let’s stop giving our power away, whether that’s to the elements outside or to other people. No one can take your power from you.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” – Viktor E. Frankl, Holocaust survivor

In yoga, we work towards peeling back the layers till we uncover Anandamaya Kosha – the bliss sheath. The last of the five koshas, Anandamaya comprises not the feeling of bliss, but rather, the experience of bliss.

Bliss is an unconditional, unwavering state of serenity; the external world can not influence it. Many swamis (religious teachers) of India even have ‘Ananda’ added to their names as a constant reminder of this complete state of bliss.

How do we uncover the bliss state? We start to peel back the layers by first focusing on annamaya kosha or the physical body. Next we move on to purifying pranamaya kosha - the energetic body. The next two sheaths or layers are manomaya kosha (mind) and vijnanamaya kosha (wisdom). And finally, we make our way to anandamaya kosha - the bliss sheath.

Choose winter as your time to shine. While others are hibernating at home, make winter your season. Use your time wisely and with intention. Cultivate your inner sense of self and continue your journey to bliss.

“I am a gladiator; I am a gladiator, winter is my season, this is my time. I will not be denied, give me your fear give me your limits, I give you results. I add massive value and always find a way to victory.” – Tony Robbins.