Pursue your education

“Opportunities are rarely offered; they’re seized.”
– Sheryl Sandberg

Resting on my laurels is not in my DNA. I don’t believe that good things will always naturally come to me without me taking action. I consciously and mindfully create and manifest my goals. Not in a way that feels pressured, I’m a passionate person who loves to learn and grow myself on every level.

Something that I’ve never stopped doing is pursuing a continuous education. Education for me didn’t end with school and university. It’s something I’m always looking for more opportunities to take part in.

Whether it’s becoming a better yoga teacher, a better business owner, a better wife, a better mum or just a better person; I’m always working on it.

And I love to do it. Learning is a pleasure for me. Stretching my mind in new directions and soaking up wisdom and knowledge is the best!

I don’t believe in only learning at school, uni or TAFE. There are so many fantastic courses and teachers out there, so find the type of education that suits you and your sensibilities. I think that’s key. I know it is for me.

As a young San Diego State College dropout I toured the US for three months as an ambassador in a green van. It was a tour called Road Trip Nation inspiring university students at 29 of the biggest universities across America, and the mantra was “Follow Your Passion & Do What You Love”. That mantra has stuck with me, and I continue to live by it to this day. I let it guide me when it comes to choosing my next educational experience.

Recently my passion quite literally took me to the US for an intensive with Tony Robbins all about building stronger romantic relationships. It was a fulfilling educational adventure that I was able to have with my husband – what else could you ask for?!

So I pose this question to you: What’s the next learning experience you need to take part in to pursue your passion?


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