Pour your own scented soy candles!

Essence of Living teacher Jenna Beak talks us through how to make our own candles. Jenna shares her insights, materials and steps us through the process – easy!

Over to Jenna.

Feeling inspired by my love of vintage bottles, jars and homewares I looked to one of my gorgeous girlfriends to help me explore the art of candle pouring. With a few quick clicks over the internet I purchased some essential candle making supplies from these two Australian based candle suppliers: www.candlesupply.com.au and www.naturalcandlesupply.com.au


The candle making basics


When looking to begin candle making you will need a basic starter kit which generally only takes a few days to arrive. Within the kit you will find the below pieces of equipment so you are able to begin creating your very own candle designs.

A basic candle making kit contains:

  • 1 Aluminium Pouring Pot
  • 1 Large Cooking Pot
  • 20 pack of Wick Holders
  • 200 pack of Wick Stickums – 12mm
  • 50 pack of Container Wicks
  • 5 kg Soy Wax Advanced Container Blend
  • Fragrance Oil
  • Measuring cup
  • A digital scale
  • Assorted jars and containers
  • Wooden spoon for stirring

Candle making doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby and you shouldn’t need to spend any more than $150 to purchase your start up equipment. If you are on a budget and not a fan of online shopping, try searching through the kitchenware section at your local second hand store for an old pot and spoon and check out Kmart or Target for a set of digital scales.

Fortunately for me I have an ever growing collection of jam jars and vintage crystal which I have gathered from op shops and antique markets, so I was well equipped to begin pouring my own candles. If you would prefer to purchase new bottles and jars then head to any good inexpensive reject shop or you can always purchase online.

When selecting your wax there are a few varieties to choose from including palm wax, beeswax and paraffin wax. Following knowledgeable advice, I decided to purchase a 5kg bag of Soy Wax Advanced Container Blend. Soy wax is ‘beginner friendly’ and not at all temperamental during the heating process.

If you wish to make your candles fragrant that’s easy too! The most challenging element is choosing which fragrance oil you like best. There are countless fragrances to list, however my favourites are Japanese Honeysuckle, Coconut Lime and Baked Apple Pie. A 105ml bottle of fragrance oil will make roughly six to eight candles depending on the size of your container and how potent you wish the fragrance to be. You can also use essential oils to fragrance your candles!

Once you have your equipment, wax and fragrance oil you are ready to begin the candle making process.

Prepare your candle containers by placing a stickum beneath the base of your wick and adhere to the centre of your jar. If your jar has a diameter of 10cm or more you are likely to need two wicks otherwise when burning, your wick will drown in the melted wax and go out. Make sure to secure your wick with a wick holder.


The candle making process


Step One

Fill half of your large cooking pot with water and bring the water to simmer on your stove top. For a regular jam jar candle you will need approximately 1½ cups of soy wax. If you are making multiple candles at a time use this quantity as a guide and remember you can always melt and add more.


Step Two

Place your empty pouring pot on the digital scales and zero off to make sure your calculations are correct.


Step Three

Fill your pouring pot with the measured quantity of soy wax and place in the water in your cooking pot. Melt the wax down until it becomes a liquid, stirring occasionally to assist the melting process.


Step Four

Once the wax is melted, place your pouring pot back on the digital scales. Record this weight as you will need to use this quantity to determine how much fragrance to use.  Zero off the scales once more.


Step Five

6 – 8% of the wax liquid quantity will give you a pleasant fragrance. If you would prefer a stronger scented candle then you may wish to experiment with this figure. Add your desired quantity of fragrance oil to the pouring pot on the scales.


Step Six

Remove from scales and stir in a figure 8 motion to ensure the fragrance has mixed evenly throughout the liquid wax.


Step Seven

Pour the wax mixture into your jar ensuring your wick remains centred. Leave 24 hours to set.


Step Eight

Rinse your pouring pot with boiling water. Make sure not to pour this water down the drain as the liquid will contain wax and may clog your drain. Instead, look for an appropriate spot in the garden to empty the liquid. Wipe your pot with an old towel (or paper towel) and repeat this process two more times.


Enjoy your new candle!


After 24 hours your candle will be ready to light and enjoy. It’s that easy!

Cuddle up with a good book, your puppy or your partner and take pleasure in the aroma you have created. Appreciate the ambience you have created when you light your new candle for your yoga or Pilates practice! Homemade candles make a lovely ‘just because’ gift or a beautiful stocking filler for Christmas.


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