Nina’s Yoga Teacher Training Story

Freshly minted yoga teacher, Nina shares with us her experience training to be a yoga teacher at the Essence of Living Academy on the Gold Coast.

Nina participated in a 10 week 200HR Level 1 training, registered with Yoga Alliance, at our beautiful yoga and Pilates studio in Mermaid Beach.

Read on to hear from Nina, in her own words, how yoga teacher training has transformed her life.

Part I – Level 1 yoga teacher training on the Gold Coast

Yoga is expansion in its most intense form, stretching at the corners of your soul and mind with every growing breath. I feel this expansion every weekend and as intense as it is, as it opens every inch of me, it feels gentle and safe.

Michelle always says, “You are here, and this is your karma” as we sit in the room with differing energies intertwining to create transforming movement that often feels like wringing out washing, purposefully getting rid of excess.

I love the idea of this being my karma, of these moments being what I deserve or more so what I need – to share, to receive, to feel, to be heard. To create space I didn’t know I had in me, to cultivate love I didn’t know I needed, to feel like I fit so perfectly into this community we created.

This teacher training has made me an explorer, it has made me curious not only about the world but about the world inside of me; and as an explorer I have learned to look within me with complete respect, with eyes of wonder, with intrigue, in awe of what I find. Understanding that once you marvel about what’s in front of you, what is lacking finds no way to catch your attention.

This course has taught me more than many people learn in decades. We have gone back in history tapping into thousands of years of knowledge and tradition inevitably bringing us closer to the earth around us, inevitably making us more understanding.

It fills my heart to the brim hearing those words – this is my karma. To be so lucky to have a teacher who is just as eager to teach, as she is to learn. She has shared so many parts of her world, constantly inspiring each one of us to expand and grow.

I’ll miss our weekends together as they felt like our own little secret, so intimate and secure but if there’s anything I’ve learned it is that the secret needs to be shared.

Part II – My yoga teacher journey is just beginning

I’ll start how it ended.

My eyes couldn’t stay open after all the laughing and crying and all the other emotions that come in between.

I always imagined what life must be like for those living to the fullest, for those living with their hearts open, for those who embrace fear like an old friend seeing it’s true beauty, it’s most wild nature, to keep you feeling alive.

I always wondered, and I think during our training I got a glimpse of that every weekend, and at the end I found myself jumping in, swimming in waters I had only tipped my toes in before.

I was constantly surrounded by ten souls that were so willing to share a little piece of themselves, reaching from inside something so unique and heavy with the weight of love that could only make me feel lighter as it was offered to me.

The night when we all hugged and said goodbye to our weekends together we never thought we’d miss so much, my eyes felt heavy but my heart was bright and alive.

I felt empowered and loved and a sense of serenity I don’t experience often. This course has been life changing in a way it’s hard for me to explain. It exposed a life, an opportunity, a possibility of loving intensely, wholeheartedly, pouring every little bit of my soul and energy for others, for something greater than myself, until my eyes feel heavy, until I get home and melt onto my bed feeling full. Because if yoga teacher training has taught me anything it is this:

Love is your abundance, it’s your infinite resource, it’s your unique treasure, so you must let it ooze, you must pour onto those who need it, you must continuously offer it to the world. It will all come back to you. Ten fold. Warmer and brighter.


At the beginning I was enrolling in my first yoga teacher training at Essence of Living, captivated by Michelle’s smile and warmth.

And at the end, as I write these words, I know why we’re all so drawn to her.

She has given.

Are you ready to live your passion and become a yoga teacher?

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