Meet Jema

Have you met Jema yet? This gorgeous, glowing goddess has been a regular at Essence of Living for years – both as a student and health workshop facilitator.

In today’s post, we interview the vivacious Jema about what health means to her, what she’s working on at the moment, a day in her life and her favourite Essence of Living teacher.


Essence of Living (EOL): What does being healthy mean to you?

Jema: I like to put it into simple words because I think health’s a little bit complicated. Actually, it’s very complicated for people. Health is when your body is in ease and balanced.

Most people would be like, “Oh my God. It has to be like this.” And I’m like, “Whoa, that’s confusing and restrictive.”

EOL: What’s currently the most interesting thing in the world of health and wellness that you’re really into?

Jema: It’s been like this for at least three to four years, it’s ancestral health, and that’s what I teach. But currently, it’s Ayurveda or Ayurvedic modalities, you could say.

When it comes to ancestral health, I’ve had a fair few health challenges myself, and on the journey, I tried a lot of things.

I always just kept coming back to the basics of things, and when things are simple and basic, they just work and make sense. When we look at food, it’s so complicated today. Every meal has to be different, and it has to be colorful, and it has to be well designed. It has to look like it’s being published in Vogue. But when it comes to food, our body is really simple.

It has complex structure, but it’s quite simple in how it works, and ancestrally, the things that they did centuries ago, if we still applied them today, you’ll see they still work.

Then when it comes to Ayurveda, I’ve spiritually always been really intrigued and drawn to it, and I’ve been dabbling in it personally for a long time, but now I’m actually studying it and am becoming an Ayurvedic coach. So I bring a lot of that modality now into what I do and teach, and everything that goes along in Ayurveda, this ancient Indian medicine is also ancestral, unsurprisingly. A lot of these two ways intertwines, and it feels like, “Actually, I’ve heard this before.” It’s as though it’s meant to be.

EOL: What inspired you to start sharing and teaching others about health?

Jema: A friend was diagnosed with Coeliac disease, and I had already been living gluten-free for a long time at that stage, and so she just naturally asked me for help – she was mostly petrified she couldn’t eat pizza or drink beer anymore, and thought her life was over!

So I helped her, and she said, “You’re really good at this. You could help people. Make a business out of it.” I firstly told her she was crazy. Then I noticed that I really was helping people around me, so I just threw myself in the deep end. I really wanted to not just practice on people, but really guide and support them. Now today, fast forward 5 years, and I educate in a coaching way, rather than a diagnosing way.

EOL: What do you love about your business?

Jema: Things I love about my business are the flexibility that it’s created in both my lifestyle, but more so how I help others in their own lifestyle.

EOL: What are some of the challenges?

Jema: The way that I teach health is very different, and therefore some people very much naturally disagree with it. That’s been quite a challenge, and I’m happy to face the challenge, but it’s tested me, because it’s not modern, so to speak.

And something that I feel challenges a lot of other people in business, and that I just do anyway, is volunteering your time. People today, feel like they have to be paid for everything, but I like to think of it as an apprenticeship when you start your business. That’s why I started the free talks for the community, at Essence, and I’ve been doing them for three and a half years now.

EOL: What are your top things for staying healthy, grounded and happy?

Jema: Number one, being connected. So staying connected with yourself is really important. Not just doing what others want you to do.

Number two, don’t rush. Nothing in nature rushes and you don’t have to either. It’s not a race.
Number three, do things that nourish you, and fill your own cup. While you do things for others, make sure you’re doing things for yourself also. I always say, “Make sure you are nourishing yourself, and that doesn’t just apply to food, rather all different aspects of your life.”

EOL: What does a day in your life look like?

Jema: I’ll wake up, and I’ll have some kind of … I call it a connection practice. I don’t call it meditation. I don’t call it breathwork. I just call it a connection practice, because I believe in flow, and every day’s different. Whether it’s me seated in a meditation style position or I will lay in bed, connect with my womb through womb breathing, or I will be laying on my yoga mat and I’ll do a little bit of Yin.

Then it’s my bathroom routine. Wash mouth, tongue scrape, brush teeth, maybe oil pulling some days. Massage my body a little bit. Then I move my body after that, and that will look different every day. At the moment I’ll go to the beach, go for a walk, ride my bike, and depending on the weather, make tea.

After I’ll make a nourishing breakfast. It could be a smoothie, smoothie bowl. It could be eggs. It could be leftovers. It could be some roast veggies. It could be porridge. It could be just tea and soup, whatever. Then that’s when I open my computer, and I’ll get stuck into some work.

Generally, I’m on my computer and I’ll do calls. I will spend some time online, replying to women who are in my coaching group. Once I’ve checked in with myself, then I can be present and check in with them.
And I’ll practice yoga, four maybe five times a week I’ll go to a class.

EOL: What’s your current dream destination, that you are just fantasising about?

Jema: Oh, there’s so many. I’m going to India for the first time in December. And fantasising about Sri Lanka. I’ve been having a fantasy about that for a little while!

EOL: What are your travel essentials?

Jema: The first thing is my headset for my phone, so I can listen to podcasts, and listen to music. I always travel with … it sounds bizarre, but a kiwi knife. So a kiwi fruit knife, because it’s a spoon and a knife, so I always carry one of those, you never know what you have to cut up.

When I fly, I always take an avocado, and I travel with nutritional products. They’re absolute non-negotiables for me.
I travel with some Himalayan salt in a little lip balm jar. I empty the lip balm jar, and I’ll fill that up. Never know when you’ll need salts. And I always travel with some honey, it’s an ancestral thing.

Swimmers. Always swimmers. Again, I only travel where it’s warm. Oh, a sarong. Hands down, sarongs are life. You can quote me on that. Sarongs are life, because they’re so versatile.

And my computer. I have a business where I can really be anyway, apart from when I have an event planned, so my computer will come with me.

Oh, and tongue scraper!

EOL: Words to live by?

Jema: Ease, balance.

EOL: Tell us about the latest series of talks that are coming up at Essence.

Jema: The series is an Ayurveda and ancestral health series. In general, it’s teaching about what I feel are the core challenges people face in their health, have tried dealing with, but they still don’t understand or comprehend it. And I’m going to be giving them the Ayurvedic and ancestral spin on How to have Humming Hormones, How to Love your Liver, and How to Ignite your Energy.

EOL: What’s next for you in business, or personally, what’s the next big thing?

Jema: I am planning my first retreat. Where basically I’ll be teaching you the ins and outs of how your body nutritionally and physically works, and how to activate balance, ease, and connection.

Jema’s Fast Five Favourites:

  1. Essence teacher: Clare/Michelle they can one one right?
  2. Snack: Carrot and tahini.
  3. Instagram account: My family’s’ accounts.
  4. Book: Womb Wisdom by Padma & Anaiya Aon Prakasha.
  5. Place on the Gold Coast: Home.


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Join Jema Lee for a deeper connection: Ayurvedic + Ancestral Health Series

  1. Happy, Humming Hormones – 6-7pm Friday 13th July
  2. Love your Liver – 6-7pm Saturday 1st September
  3. Ignite your Energy – Flat to Energised – 6 – 7pm Saturday 3rd November

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