Kids Yoga: Why kids benefit from yoga as much as adults

Kids live in a noisy world filled to the brim with daycare, school, appointments, extra-curricular activities, screen time and competition. When you put them all together like that, doesn’t a child’s life sound hectic? This busy and bustling schedule can leave kids feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and pressured.

With children “growing up in a very fast paced, high achieving and externally stimulated world,” Brie Quartermaine, Essence of Living, children’s yoga teacher, believes every child needs to learn how to:

  1. Calm themselves using their breath
  2. Move mindfully to both create and conserve energy and get the most out of their amazing bodies
  3. Tap into their inner creativity and foster self-worth, not always having to be externally stimulated by digital devices and over-organised activities.

When children learn these techniques, they have the opportunity to handle life’s inevitable challenges with more ease, grace and calm. Practising yoga is a non-competitive activity that teaches children to cooperate and think about others with compassion.

Natalie Olson, Essence’s children’s yoga teacher trainer, says, “The most common assumption about children’s yoga is that it’s just another physical activity. Yoga is so much more than a physical exercise.

“Its origin and meaning are deeply rooted in ancient practices from India. Asana, the physical poses, are only one aspect of yoga.

“In addition to Asana, children have the opportunity to practice and explore Yamas and Niyamas (ethical and moral attitudes), Pranayama (breathing exercises), Pratyahara (sense withdrawal), Dharana (focus and concentration), Dhyana (meditation), and Samadhi (bliss).

“Yoga is such a powerful practice for children as it creates a safe space for children to be themselves, to connect with and explore their minds, bodies’ intuition and have some fun.”

Natalie goes on to say that her mission as a children’s yoga teacher is to support children to be empowered and resilient so that they are able to connect to their authentic self, navigate life’s challenges, bounce back from adversity and enjoy life. Who wouldn’t want that for their child?

“When taught at such a young age, [yogic thinking becomes] a lifestyle, allowing children to grow with self-awareness, self-worth and to face challenges confidently. Thus leading to a happier more centred self, helping them realise their full potential,” says Brie.

Bring your children along!

Book your child into Kids Yoga with Brie and let her help them build mental and physical strength, resilience, inner peace and calm, self-awareness and self-love, compassion and so much more.

Each class of the 9-week term will have a different focus but fundamental skills such as breathing techniques and Yoga poses and sequences will be practised and mastered over the whole term. I encourage creative movement and forming new connections with others and I always finish the class with a relaxation storytime or guided meditation.

  • 4-9 yr olds | Tuesday’s 3:45 – 4:30pm | 23rd July – 17th September | Book here
  • Pre-Teen Class 10-14 yrs | Friday’s 3:45 – 4:30 | 19th July – 13th September | Book here

Looking for school holiday ideas?

Join Brie these school holidays for some yoga fun!

  • Tween 10-14yrs | Tuesday 2nd July 1-2:30 pm | $20 | Book here
  • Toddlers 18months – 3yrs | Tuesday 2nd July 3-3:45pm | $10 | Book here
  • 4-9 yr olds | Friday 5th July 1.30-3pm | $20 | Book here

Meet Brie

I pursued my passion for dance from the age of three and after a few niggling injuries in my late 20s, I began to practice yoga 10 years ago at Essence of Living. From the minute my feet hit the mat I was hooked. The beautiful Clare Merrifield ignited a fire within me and it has only grown stronger every time I practice. I am a registered Primary PE Teacher and absolutely love being surrounded by kids. I have three of my own little angels who all practice with me at home and it has become our sacred time to connect and unwind. I completed my training in 2017 and started Half Moon Kids Yoga with a mission to create a space for kids to learn about their bodies through mindful movement, connect with their breath, create inner calm and have a whole lot of fun making new friends along the way. I now teach at schools as well as weekly classes and school holiday workshops at Essence of Living on the Gold Coast.

Meet Natalie

My journey to becoming a children’s yoga teacher began from my desire to find more ways to help the children I was working with. I had been working as an educator in childcare for years and really wanted to better support children to manage stress, day to day challenges and foster their ability to regulate their emotions. This lead me to complete my first ever 200hr yoga teacher training in 2010, which focused on children’s yoga and this is where my passion for teaching and practising yoga blossomed. With a strong desire to learn more, I went on to complete a Bachelor of Early Childhood Teaching. At the same time, I delved further into my yoga studies completing a few more yoga teacher trainings (for both adults and children) studying at Essence of Living in 2012.

These days most of my time is filled with the magic of motherhood. Taking time throughout the year to share my passion for teaching children’s yoga through workshops and Essence of Living’s 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.

Want to teach kids yoga? Learn from Natalie in our 200hour Yoga Teacher Training.