Feeling good through the festive season

Eating, drinking and being merry. So much fun, but also a recipe for feeling not so good!

In the name of feeling good, we’ve gathered our favourite tips for a healthy and happy festive season.


Take advantage of the break to chill out


If you’re lucky enough to get a break from work over the festive season make sure you actually take the time to relax and rejuvenate. Try not to overschedule yourself and plan out days chock full of activities back to back. Leave some time free just to chill out and rest, try for a whole day without any plans!


Get plenty of sleep


With Christmas parties, festive catch ups and New Year’s Eve plans, sleep can get left by the wayside. If you do have a few late nights, make up for them by including a few early nights or relaxing lie-ins. Tips for getting a good night’s sleep:

– Turn off your phone and TV by 8 pm.

– Darken your room with good blinds or wear a sleep mask.

– Meditate before bedtime to clear your mind.

– Diffuse or apply lavender essential oil to calm and relax your body and mind.




Remember the feeling of school holidays when you were a kid? Recreate that sense of freedom and fun by making time for play. We’ve got some fun ideas for you:

– Visit a water park and actually go on the rides (no watching from the sidelines)

– Play a game of tag in the park with the kids and other adults

– Go to an indoor rock climbing centre and try bouldering

– Break out the paints and canvas, make your masterpiece (or just have fun throwing paint around)

– Come to yoga and give handstands a go! We promise they’re more fun than scary 😉


Get some vitamin D


When you live on the Gold Coast, it’s a holiday decree that one must get some sun every day! Aside from the mood-lifting benefits of sunshine, you’ll also be getting your Vitamin D boost. So make the time this festive season to get some (safe) sun.


Eat before you go out


Festive parties can be full of tempting, processed, junk food. The best way to avoid a binge is to fill up before the party on wholesome and healthy options. If you’re in a bind and have to eat at the party, look out for fresh vegetable crudites and hummus (avoid creamy dips), fresh fruit and veggie salads.


Make time for you


It can be so easy for the festive season to become all about others, whether that’s your children, partner, family or friends. We encourage you to take some time for you and replenish. Self-care is essential so ensure you’ve scheduled for some time to treat yourself. Some ideas:

– An uninterrupted bath with essential oils, music and a good book.

– A solo movie date complete with popcorn you don’t have to share.

– A solid hour spent at your favourite massage place.

– A yoga, yin, Pilates or barre class at Essence of Living!


Check out our festive timetable here – we’re open everyday of the holiday!!