Conscious celebrations

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.
– Oprah Winfrey

At Essence of Living, we love to celebrate, rejoice and have a good ole party! When we observe the studio’s birthday, the seasonal changes and other milestones we like to do so with conscious intention – not with frivolity and frippery. We love to pay attention to the deeper meaning and honour the true spirit of the event.

By celebrating life’s meaningful moments with kindness, gratitude and awareness, we make parties more than parties! Instead, they become times where we can connect with family, friends and our community. Where bonds are strengthened, and special times are authentically commemorated.

How do we bring the ‘conscious’ into conscious celebrations?

A new take on gift giving

Rather than contributing to the waste and excess of the world by buying ‘things’ for people, give gifts of service instead! We love to support local businesses by gifting their vouchers to our loved ones on birthdays and other occasions. If you don’t have the dollars to give big, give your own time instead! Often this is even more meaningful, and the recipient will be charmed and grateful. Some ideas: a massage for your partner; a night of babysitting for new parents in your life; or a half day of spring cleaning for someone.

Start a tradition

Something we do at Essence of Living each season is welcome the change in with 108 Sun Salutations. We do this every three months and have been for 14 years. The class is free for our community, and we love to celebrate and honour Mama Earth like this.

Another day we love to observe is the studio’s birthday! We believe that our space is more than just a room we practice in, it’s a spiritual home for many, so on our birthday we like to give back to our community. Each birthday we have free classes all day and discounts on 6 month memberships, 10 passes and our retail stock.

We’ve started these as seasonal and annual traditions for the Essence of Living family, and you can do the same with your family! Whether you tweak existing cultural traditions or come up with new ones altogether, it’s a fun way to bring a little more meaning to your celebrations.

Uncover the deeper meaning

Many of our favourite days of celebration or tradition have become commercialised and capitalised over the years so it can be a fun exploration to dig down into their true natures.

Celebrations are usually created to pause, reflect and honour, so spend some time discovering the true spirit of an occasion. Learn more about the significance of the day, the rituals and the traditions. Delve into the meaning and the roots of your celebratory practice to discover the essence of your celebration.

Go green

Something close to our heart is reducing waste, and celebrations, special days and parties can’t be forgotten. Being conscious of the things we buy for our celebration is key to looking after our Earth.

Try to avoid buying new things, especially single-use items, like plastic cups, plates and cutlery for example. Be mindful of decorations, can they be reused or will they just end up in landfill? Pay attention to where your food comes from, try for local and in season.

Celebrate with us!

It’s our 14th birthday, and we want to mark the occasion with you!

Join us on August 12th for a conscious celebration including FREE classes all day as well as big discounts on memberships, passes and retail stock.