2019 Intention Setting and Unique New Year’s Resolutions

There are so many ways to set our goals and intentions for the future, so it’s important we find a way to do it which resonates with us personally. Not only will this make goal setting feel good, but it will light your internal inspiration fire meaning your goals are more likely to stick!

Rather than tell you a “foolproof” method for goal setting, we thought we’d share some great resources and methods with you. This way you can find the one that suits you and your life best.

Read to the end of the blog post for some bonus New Year’s Resolutions as well (we promise these are ones you’ll WANT to stick to!).

Golden Rules of Goal Setting

This article gives you a practical and pragmatic guide to setting SMART goals. No idea what SMART goals are? Read the article to find out why these sorts of goals are most powerful.

Compelling Goal Setting from Tony Robbins

Another SMART goal convert over here! In this article from Tony Robbins, you’ll learn how to run your own goal-setting workshop and be given the steps to seeing your goals through to completion.

4 Easy Steps to Setting Your Life Goals

If you’re looking to set big life goals, look no further! This blog will take you through four simple steps to set your own life goals. Setting life goals gives you purpose, and they will help to guide your life in the right direction.

How to Set Goals

If you’re ready to take a more scientific approach to your goal setting, this article from Psychology Today will suit you to a tee. With lots of great information backed up by tonnes of research, this is goal setting for the Type As out there.

The Desire Map

If you’re less into goals and more into feeling GOOD, Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map might be for you! Flipping traditional goal setting on its head, ‘desire mapping’ is about uncovering your Core Desired Feelings and then figuring out the ways you can feel those more often.

Unique New Year’s Resolutions

If you do like to set a resolution or two when the clock strikes midnight, why not try one of these unique ideas.
Develop a loving relationship with your body

Instead of the usual “lose 5kgs” or “go on a diet”, how about you learn to love, honour and respect your body instead?

Eat a frog

No, not literally! This is all about getting a task you’ve been putting off out of the way. Maybe it’s booking an appointment at the dentist, or writing the first words of your debut blog article, or reaching out to an important person in your industry to see if they will mentor you. The idea is that the anticipation is much more stressful than the actual ‘doing’. You’re guaranteed to feel amazing once you’ve ‘eaten your frog’.

Plan in fun

When was the last time you did something just for the sheer joy of it? Make 2019 the year you learnt to play! This might look like trying out a new fitness trend, going on a bike ride with your kids or spending an afternoon at the trampoline park. Just have fun with it!

A daily act of kindness

This one is so simple but will make you (and others) feel so good. Each day, complete a random act of kindness. It doesn’t have to be big or grandiose. It could be small yet thoughtful. Some ideas:

  • Pay for someone else’s parking for the day
  • Give a compliment to a stranger
  • Pay for the coffee of the person behind in you in line
  • Offer to babysit for a friend who needs a night out
  • Donate a few dollars to a charity or Go Fund Me campaign
  • Write a book review of a great book and post it on the author’s social media
  • Ask a friend “How are you?” and really listen to what they’ve got to say

Spend 10 minutes a day learning something new

Whether you focus on learning a specific skill or talent for ten minutes a day or take this time to research something new each day, block out your daily 10 minutes and go for it. You could try learning a new language, becoming a coding master or just read an interesting blog article each day about a topic you don’t know much about.

Strengthen your relationships

Rather than looking for new friends or connections, make a promise to work on the relationships you already have with friends and family. Remember being ‘friends’ on Facebook is not a real relationship, so reach out to those who are important to you. Plan a catch-up, dinner date, Skype call or head out to a shared activity.
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