Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training

“I liked everything about this course. This is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I have learnt so much and have grown so much and have been opened up so much from this course. Michelle is such an amazing teacher. I have been so inspired to come into my own light and be my best through this course. The level of instruction was epic. The level of inspiration completely surpassed anything I had expected. Every second was mind, body and soul strengthening. Michelle enlights a level of inspiration in her students that is breathtaking. A complete and groundbreaking course that combines the innovation of Jivamukti, the sacredness of Bali and the tradition of India”.  – Diana Charabin


“I liked absolutely everything about this course. I enrolled to learn more about yoga and to gain more physical fitness, the course far exceeded this. I enjoyed the intimate format, the asanas taught and the information provided on yoga. I really appreciated Michelle’s encouragement, one-on-one instruction and admired the way she encouraged individuality and worked at bonding the students”. – Jenny Smith


“I just loved this course! I loved the yoga and I loved the Pilates. I have learnt SO much. All effort was made to ensure we received all of Michelle’s knowledge – nothing was held back.  There was constant encouragement and unlimited assistance to make sure we received all the information and guidance we required, Michelle was always there to answer our questions and help us in anyway, and continues to do so even now that the course has finished. I loved that we were pushed beyond our comfort zone. It was challenging, but you feel yourself improving so much and so quickly because of it. I have met so many wonderful people through this course and made some beautiful friends J”.  – Radha Melis


“I really enjoyed the focus on positive re-enforcement and the nurturing supportive space created. It felt non-threatening and inclusive. Getting to know the other girls has been wonderful. Michelle is approachable, inspiring, real and supportive. The feedback given has been constructive and useful. I have adored doing this, even more than I anticipated and would recommend it anyone wanting to take their yoga practice to the next level”. – Rachel Harwood


Yoga Level 2 Teacher Training

“I am very grateful to Essence Of Living, Level 2 Teacher Training for such a wonderful experience. The training not only exceeded my expectations but also challenged me physically, mentally and emotionally allowing me to open my mind to new possibilities and provided a nurturing space to grow and find a deeper connection with myself and my passion. This course gave me the necessary tools to develop my practice allowing it to evolve through hands on adjustment and advanced asana, fed my knowledge with in-depth philosophy and extensive sanskrit. Michelle Merrifield was inspiration throughout this journey.” – Laura Humphries 


Pilates Level 1 Teacher Training

“Completing my Pilates Training with Michelle at Essence of Living has given me the opportunity to do something I love everyday. I believe it is due to this course that my classes have been such a success. I learnt about all aspects of Pilates from teaching to how to run a successful business. I would defiantly recommend this course to anyone who wants to know how to teach a fun, energetic, effective class where your clients and yourself will see and feel the difference. Smile and Shine.” – Cara Gillespie 

Thai Massage Teacher Training 

“The course was full of fun and energy – amazing!  Starting the day with an hour yoga class was the perfect way to get my mind centered and my body limber for the practice of Thai Massage.  Keeping the course numbers to a minimum made for an intimate and very hands on learning experience.  Not only have I learnt the art of Thai Massage, I have also become stronger and more flexible (Level II certainly challenged the body) – a bonus I wasn’t expecting!  Michelle was extremely generous with her knowledge offering tips, tricks and providing extras wherever she could.  Thank you Michelle for sharing your knowledge, skills and for you inspiration!  I am looking forward to providing Lazy Man’s Yoga to all in the future.” – Somer Cross