At Essence of Living we offer our teacher training graduates the opportunity to join our mentorship program in order to water the seeds of knowledge planted during their Teacher Training.

Our mentorship students aren’t required to complete any of the written essays, but do retake the training including:

  • Written exam
  • All practical components (teaching assessments and class participation, observation and assists)

The Essence of Living mentorship program is for teachers who are ready to master their skills and deepen their knowledge.


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Yoga Level 1


Yoga Level 2


Pilates Mat


Pilates Barre


The Level One Yoga Teacher Training at Essence of Living is always adapting. So are we. Through the mentorship I was able to embrace the content of my first Teacher Training on a more expansive level.

The experience was an immersion of the teachings I received four years earlier and there was more! Back then I found the philosophy, sanskrit, methology and physical practice beautiful, intriguing, and captivating. I still do. I was spellbound and at times a little bamboozled! Honestly I could not contain it all. Many teachings did seep in, some integrated slowly as I delved deeper into my own practice, inner work and realisations. Others remained as seeds waiting to open & bud when I was ready.

The mentorship was my ripening. I drew in that which had slipped through my fingers and mind originally. I tapped in to the old work, sipped with delight the new additional components and became more clear and bright as a teacher, practitioner and an individual.

It was endearing be mentored and to have my commitment acknowledged. It was an honour for me to be a mentor to the other teacher trainers. This added a responsibility and accountability to myself, my service of others and the method of Yoga. I am deeply grateful for the experience and to my mentor Michelle Cassidy.



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