At the Essence of Living Academy on the Gold Coast, Australia we are deeply dedicated to training outstanding philosophy courses for both teachers and practitioners. Our teachers are well-respected and sought after in the industry. Essence of Living philosophy graduates are trained in a respectful manner in order to honour the traditions of this practice while also remaining considerate of the ever-evolving yoga world.

The Essence of Living 50hr Tantra Yoga Training takes place at the Essence of Living Tallebudgera Valley Retreat on the stunning Gold Coast, Australia. Our training program truly over delivers, providing you with 60 hours of training, including 40 hours of face-to-face learning. Find out course dates, requirements and a course overview below.

Tantra is widely recognized as one of the most powerful approaches towards Spiritual development, yet it is also amongst one of the most misunderstood. The practices and pleasures may be many and varied, from pranayama, reading, praying, chanting, meditating and yoga to creative endeavours, dreams, aspirations, visions and anything that supports our Higher Purpose.

During this 5 day immersion we will cover the foundations and fundamentals of Tantra, as well as deepen our understanding of core areas that when utilised regularly, bring greater joy, fulfilment and purpose into our lives. This course has been designed for those who are thirsty for understanding more philosophy and discovering the richness this practice has to offer beyond the asana. Limited spaces. Bookings essential.

Students will be eligible to receive a 50 hour certification upon completion of all course work. This certificate can be used towards a 300hr yoga teacher training.

Gold Coast Course

21st – 25th September 2020
Lectures and training: 5 days, Monday – Friday, 7am – 4pm
Save $120! Early bird ends 7th August 2020.



11th – 15th October 2021
Lectures and training: 5 days, Monday – Friday, 7am – 4pm
Save $120! Early bird ends 27th August 2021.


Where: Essence of Living Tallebudgera Valley Retreat

Participation: 5 full days of training (included in course cost)

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or calling 07 5526 6600


Michelle Cassidy is the founder and operator of Essence of Living Yoga & Pilates studio and Teacher Training Academy on the Gold Coast. After first discovering Yoga and Pilates at the young age of 16, Michelle knew this was her calling and she wanted to share both the spiritual and physical benefits of the practice with others.

Michelle Cassidy

Primary Facilitator

Course Cost

$995. Early bird $875!

The course cost includes all required classes, course workbooks, and a studio branded singlet.

You can find our refund and cancellation policy here.

Course Outline & Assessments

Course Outline

  • The Power of Consciousness
  • The 6 Attributes of Supreme Consciousness and how to live them
  • The 3 Ultimate Aims Of Tantra
  • Embodiment of Shiva and Shakti/Integrating our Masculine and Feminine Selves
  • The 5 Divine Acts of Shiva Consciousness in Our Lives/The Play of the Divine in Everyday living
  • The 6 Primary Deities and how we can bring them to Life within ourselves/Sacred Symbology/ Deities
  • The Tantric Recipe of Healing
  • The Forces of Creation, Sustenance and Destruction in our Yoga Practice
  • Recitation of Sacred Tantric Yoga Texts
  • Energetic Body/ Psychic centres/ Chakras / Nadis/ Vayus
  • The Power of Ritual
  • Sacred Gestures (Mudras)/Energetic Locks (Bandhas)
  • Yoga / Asana/ Pranayama/ Mantra
  • Union and Natural Exchange
  • How to Bring Tantra into all our relationships

A typical day at Essence of Living Yoga Teacher Training

7 – 7.30am
Meditation (Michelle)
7.30 – 8.30am
Asana (Michelle)
8.30 – 9am
9am – 12pm
Philosophy (Andrew)
12 – 1pm
1 – 4pm
Philosophy (Andrew)