How well do you know your menstrual cycle? Many women experience PMS, bloating, cramps, cravings, mood swings, low energy, low libido… and often accept that ‘this is a menstrual cycle’. In fact it’s not and in this talk we’re going to delve into these all too common cycle signs what they mean and what we can do to rebalance them. Rebalance and live in harmony with your cycles and sync our flow with our lives..

When: Saturday, 2nd March Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm



About Jema
Jema Lee is a nutritional educator, wellness coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and self-health teacher. Known for her integrity, warmth, ability to communicate a sometimes overwhelming topic and her no-gimmick approach.


12 - 1pm, Saturday, 2nd March




Jema Lee

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