Michelle Cassidy is the founder and operator of Essence of Living studio and Teacher Training Academy on the Gold Coast. After first discovering Yoga and Pilates at the young age of 16, Michelle knew that she had found her calling, and wished to share both the spiritual and physical benefits of the practice with others.

Michelle Cassidy


Clare Merrifield, also known as Tinkerbell, is a beautifully organic yogini who will surprise and delight you with her amazing classes. It was during her yoga studies that Clare realised just how much the wisdom of yoga resonated with her own natural beliefs and ideals. Clare’s classes are the perfect blend of dynamic movement and scintillating stillness.

Clare Merrifield


Allie LeDuc’s passion for yoga begun in the States before moving to the Gold Coast where she discovered Essence of Living. Allie completed her yoga teacher training and is also trained in remedial massage. Allie’s classes are a positive and harmonious space where students are inspired to look within themselves, and find balance, peace and happiness.

Allie LeDuc


Angy Keates fell in love with yoga at Essence of Living, eventually beginning her own journey as a yoga and Pilates teacher. Angy is a trained aromatherapist and loves to include beautiful essential oils in her class to enhance the benefits of the yoga practice. When Angy isn’t on the mat you’ll find her with her family or planning her next retreat in Bali.

Angy Keates


Bec Jackson immediately fell in love after her first barre class and developed an appreciation for how holistic health and fitness increases vitality our bodies and minds. Becoming a Pilates teacher was the natural progression. When not on the mat you’ll find Bec at the beach, playing with puppies, eating avocados or travelling abroad.

Bec Jackson


Carla's yoga teaching style is a balance of fun/high energy and blissland. No matter what you're looking for: a full body workout or a chance to reconnect the mind, body and spirit, you'll leave Carla's class with a smile.

Carla Papas


Crystal O’Rourke undertook teacher training with Michelle in 2013 and has been teaching full time since then (with some gypsy wandering thrown in for good measure!). Crystal’s yoga and Pilates students will tell you how remarkable and transformative her classes are, but you have to be there to truly understand the magic.

Crystal O'Rourke


Darby Watson joins the Essence of Living team all the way from Vancouver, Canada. Darby’s relaxing and soft voice will lead you through a dynamic practice which will allow you to find your inner light and peace. When Darby isn’t on the mat you’ll probably find her at the beach with her fiance and fur baby.

Darby Watson


Emma’s Pilates teaching style will get you sweating and smiling. Prepare for a full body burn! She’s all about the high vibes and you’ll leave her class feeling strong, confident and all kinds of awesome.

Emma Papas


Erin Bourne has been on her yoga journey for over a decade, taking a range of influences including Iyengar and Ashtanga. Outside of yoga, Erin has a degree in Exercise Science and Education and has studied naturopathy. Join Erin on the mat for a beautifully balanced class that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

Erin Bourne


Hollie Bradley has been a teacher at Essence of Living for over decade and believes yoga is the key to personal happiness. Her classes are inspired and upbeat, with the focus on self enquiry, alignment and personal development. Hollie is qualified in yoga, Pilates, Thai massage, yin, reiki, applied anatomy, visual arts and physiology.

Hollie Bradley


Originally from Barcelona, it wasn’t till she made it to the Gold Coast that she decided to take on yoga, Pilates and barre teacher training. Expect an enthusiastic class, filled with fun, music and sweat when you practice with Ines.

Ines Cerboni

Isabelle Davies


Jack Hersee danced The Australian Ballet. After retiring from ballet, he went on to become a dance teacher. Following a move to the Gold Coast, Jack found EOL where he undertook his teacher training. You’ll find Jack teaching energetic Pilates and Barre classes - probably with a backing track from Britney.

Jack Hersee


Jade McConnell is a dynamic PIlates teacher who will have caught up in her passion and energy as soon as you enter the room. She discovered yoga and Pilates three years ago and credits both practices with having an amazing impact on her life. When Jade isn’t on the mat you’ll probably find her scuba diving, water skiing or surfing.

Jade McConnell


Jannine Gearon has a long standing passion for health and fitness, practicing yoga since her late teens as well as dancing many disciplines in the last 35 years. Jannine has completed her yoga, Pilates and yin training at Essence of Living. Her classes are a reflection of her fun and energetic personality.

Jannine Gearon


Jenna Faros became addicted to the vibrant energy and enriching energy of Pilates. My work days are challenging yet rewarding as I support families and children with speech, language and learning difficulties and developmental disabilities. Pilates enables me to support myself so I am able to help others.

Jenna Feros


Judes Yang is a heart centered spiritual guide who teaches slow moving, soul awakening Yin yoga classes. She is also the founder Sahaja (yoga mats that give back!) which are available to purchase in the studio. Judes has been teaching yoga for over ten years and has studied with the likes of Shiva Rea and Sarah Powers.

Judes Yang


Kaleb Kennedy first discovered yoga as a way to process the challenges we all face on a day to day basis and to reconnect with a peaceful lifestyle. His passion for yoga soon led him towards a path of teaching a fun and dynamic styled practice to build awareness and strength within the body.

Kaleb Kennedy


I left my first Pilates Barre class feeling mentally and physically strong and more in tune with my authentic self. When I am not at Pilates you will find me at my local café enjoying a long black (or two), walking through Burleigh hill, surrounded by ocean and yes sometimes daydreaming.

Katie Pearl


Kasia Wallis discovered yoga and Pilates 12 years ago- she was hooked! Kasia has completed yoga and Pilates training at Essence of Living. When Kasia isn’t teaching she’s probably volunteering for an environmental project or traveling the globe (maybe both at the same time!).

Kasia Knap


Kelly Clayden is Pilates and Yoga teacher, animal vet nurse and certifiable tree hugging hippy. Her Pilates and barre classes will have your butt burning, her vinyasa yoga flows will get your prana moving and her soothing yin classes will have you all blissed out.

Kelly Clayden


Kimberley Bargenquast is a lover of barefoot walks, sunrises, nature, full-moons, yoga, meditation, dancing and the ocean. She is passionate and proud to share yoga and loves supporting her students on their journeys to a more fulfilled life. Join her for for a dynamic, fun and light-hearted practice.

Kimberley Bargenquast


Lana grew up on Western Australia's beaches. Her yoga classes are strong and open for you to be intuitive to your needs. Lana started teaching after training at Essence which nourished her roots and expanded her knowledge.

Lana Sheldrick


Laurel has been enchanted by yoga ever since she was a teenager. Let her help you wash away the day, forget about yesterday and reinvigorate for tomorrow. Bend, stretch and strengthen with Laurel - it’s what she loves!

Laurel Collofello


When Lesley was lost, yoga found her and brought her back to life. Compelled to share the gift & inspire others Lesley became a yoga instructor in 2013 and mentored our 2017 Yoga Teacher Training course. Reiki trained & influenced by Ashtanga her classes combine empowering dynamic flow & nurturing restoration.

Lesley Parkes


Maddy Isles stumbled upon PIlates three years ago when she began practising for rehabilitation. She soon discovered the bliss of balancing the mind and body in order to achieve ultimate health. When Maddy is not on the mat, you will find her reading, travelling or eating delicious food, possibly all three at the same time!

Madison Isles


Megan Barry Cotter credits Pilates and yoga with helping her correct imbalances and improve her control, helping her in her performance career (including a stint at the Moulin Rouge in Paris!). As well as teaching at Essence of Living, you’ll also find Megan in the air, practicing aerial circus arts, silks and contortion.

Megan Barry-Cotter


Mickie Monroe is a Cosmic Goddess from another Galaxy here to facilitate, educate and create space for deeper ways we can learn to nourish our mind, body and souls. Mickie was called to Yoga on her own healing journey and fell head over heels for everything that is Yin Yoga.

Mickie Monroe


Midori has always had a great love for movement and music. She has danced ballet professionally, including a stint with the Houston Ballet. While Pilates has been a part of her routine for years, it was only in 2013 that Midori discovered yoga in Bali. Midori now teaches both Yoga, Pilates and Barre classes at Essence of Living.

Midori Lotz


Nat is mumma to two lovely little girls, loves to swim in the ocean and feel the sand under feet. Her journey led her to undertake her yoga teacher training here at Essence where she can now be found teaching passionate classes with a side of yogic philosophy and spirituality.

Natalie Amotawa


Nicole Calvino started doing Pilates in 2008 after having children and to help with managing her scoliosis. She fell in love with the practice! After becoming a Pilates teacher, Nicole also completed her yoga teacher training. She wishes to pass on the same teachings and positivity that has so improved her own life to others.

Nicole Calvino


Prue Cooper is known as the pocket rocket. You’ll find Prue teaching fast-paced, booty-burning barre classes at Essence of Living alongside her job as studio manager. You might also be lucky enough to meet Missy, Prue’s teacup Yorkshire Terrier, who often visits the studio office.

Prue Cooper


Rain Crawford has been practicing yoga for twenty years. When the opportunity arose to do her teacher training arose she eagerly took it up as the natural progression of her path. Rain is always enthusiastically and continually expanding her own practice in order to pass as much on to her students as she can.

Rain Crawford


Stacey Hamer decided in January 2014 that she was meant to be a Pilates teacher. She left her job as a hairdresser to live this dream. Along the journey she also discovered her love of yoga and now teaches both practices at Essence of Living. Stacey is living her passion and loves to share this with her students.

Stacey Hamer


Steph was drawn to Pilates initially as a great workout, but soon after it helped her to work through negative body image issues and she's never looked back. Don't be fooled by her relaxed nature - her classes are very strong, fun and always set to a groovy playlist!

Stephanie Boniface


Tara Coggan’s whole life has been about movement as a gymnast, dancer, and now, Pilates teacher. Tara fell in love with Pilates at Essence of Living, where she then went on to complete her teacher training. Tara’s classes are fun and challenging whilst remaining nurturing, with a focus on building the mind body connection.

Tara Coggan


Tara discovered yoga six years ago and fell in love with it as a physical and spiritual practice. Outside of yoga Tara has a degree in Occupational Therapy and a love for helping people to live their life to the fullest despite limitations. Join Tara for a dynamic, fun filled class.

Tara Juttner


Thalo is a gentle giant originally from Oregon, where he was a professional basketball player. He is now a PE teacher specialising in basketball. Thalo is a long time teacher who a is part of our ongoing Gold Coast Active and Healthy program.

Thalo Green


Todd’s practice of Pilates began alongside his ballet school training. Through his dance career Pilates has always been his key for keeping muscularly balanced, purposefully aligned and has maintained his core power. Join Todd for a calm approach to a deep workout.

Todd Belot


Yandell Davis was born to move, groove and dance. Dancing from a young age, Yandell has studied all genres of dance and has also completed her certificates 3 and 4 in fitness. Her dancing has seen her travel the globe. In between overseas stints, Yandell completed her PIlates training, and now teaches at, Essence of Living. Her energy is contagious.

Yandell Davis


Yuka Yoshinaga joins the Essence of Living team from Osaka, Japan. Yuka didn’t step onto the mat till her move to Australia, and she soon became addicted. Yuka loves to practice and teach yoga, and feels blessed to do so in a place she loves, with the people she adores - the Essence of Living family.

Yuka Yoshinaga