At the Essence of Living Academy we are wholeheartedly committed to producing elite level Barre teachers. Our Barre teachers are trained in the latest techniques, with a focus on providing the best support for students in a fun-filled and safe environment. Essence of Living Barre teachers are well respected and sought after within the Pilates industry.

The Essence of Living Barre teacher training takes place at the Essence of Living studio on the stunning Gold Coast, Australia and The Daily Dose studio in Melbourne, Australia. Our training program truly over delivers, providing you with 100 hours of training, including 60 hours of face-to-face learning. This course is approved for 15 CEC’s from Fitness Australia. Find out course dates, requirements and a course overview below.

Gold Coast Course

2nd –  13th April 2018
Lectures and training: 2 week intensive, Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 3:00pm


8th September – 7th October 2018
Lectures and training: 5 Weekends, Saturday & Sunday, 9.00am – 3:00pm


Where: Essence of Living, Mermaid Beach

Participation: 40 scheduled classes (included in course cost)

Observations: 4 classes
Or reserve your spot by emailing or calling 07 5526 6600

Melbourne Course

14th October – 12th November 2017

Lectures and training: 5 Weekends, Saturday &  Sunday – 11.30am-4:30pm
(includes 90 minute class with Cara).

Where: The Daily Dose Studio, Balaclava

Participation: 40 scheduled classes  (included in course cost). Participation can be completed at The Daily Dose Studio in Balaclava and/or at Live Life Well Studio in Chelsea (included in course cost)

Observations: 4 classes


Or reserve your spot by emailing or calling 03) 9530 3659

Course Cost

$2200 (Payment plans available. Click here for more information.).

The course cost includes all all required classes (participation, observation and assists), weekend workshops (with your course facilitators and guest experts), course workbooks, and a studio branded singlet.

Receive a 5% discount if paid in full 8 weeks prior to the course!

Course Outline

Barre History & Philosophy
  • Apply barre philosophy and history to barre instruction
  • Develop and apply awareness of specific barre exercises to class instruction
  • Provide advice to clients on the steps of movement and modification
  • Utilise a broad knowledge of barre philosophy and history in barre planning and programing
Exercise Progamming
  • Plan and deliver Barre programs
  • Plan and deliver a beginners Barre program
  • Plan and deliver advanced Barre programming
  • Apply exercise science principles to planning Barre exercise
  • Plan and deliver personal Barre training
Group Barre Training
  • Develop a broad knowledge of Barre exercises and adjustments
  • Instruct advanced core, back, legs, buttocks and arm strengthening exercises
  • Apply safe sequencing, teaching method, adjustments and assists for core, back, legs, buttocks, arm strengthening exercises
  • Develop knowledge in mixed apparatus including theraband, swiss ball, chi ball, hand weights, ankle weights and theraloop.
  • Instruct and monitor Barre programs
  • Plan and deliver group Barre sessions
  • Deliver approved community Barre programs


In order to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to be a pilates teacher, there are a number of assessments required as a part of the course.

  • 40 class participations (can be signed off before course commencement)
  • 4 class observation reports
  • 3 one hour class deliveries (with your fellow teacher trainees)
  • 1 written exam
  • 1 reflective essay/book report

Required reading

There are a number of books required to complete the course, these will be referenced within the training. You do not have to read them cover to cover before training commences.

  • Barre Fitness – Fred DeVito & Elisabeth Halfpapp

Online retailers we suggest to find your materials include Book Depository, Amazon and AbeBooks. Fishpond.



A typical day at Essence of Living Barre Teacher Training

9.00am – 10.00am
Pilates class/ workshop
10am – 10.30am
Breakfast and a swim in the ocean
10:30am – 12.30pm
Teaching techniques or sequencing.
12.30pm – 1.00pm
Lunch break
1.00pm – 3.00pm

Course Facilitators


Michelle Cassidy is the founder and operator of Essence of Living Yoga & Pilates studio and Teacher Training Academy on the Gold Coast. After first discovering Yoga and Pilates at the young age of 16, Michelle knew with every cell of her body this was her calling and she wanted to share both the spiritual and physical benefits of the practice with others.

Michelle is the creator of all training programs at Essence of Living and primarily delivers all course work.

Michelle Cassidy

Primary Facilitator

Tara is an ex professional dancer who travelled around the world pursuing her passion. She represented Australia in sports aerobics, competing with the Aikin dance academy before completing her Pilates and barre teacher training with Essence in 2012.

Tara Coggan

Course Facilitator